Accounting Diploma

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Program Planning Guide

The Accounting Diploma provides students with a basic accounting skill set and overall knowledge enhanced by selected accounting electives and a potential work-based learning education experience. After the Accounting  Diploma is started, a student may elect to pursue an A.A.S Degree in Accounting or after the Accounting Diploma is awarded, a student may return to Wake Tech to earn an A.A.S. Degree in Accounting.

Program Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take?

If you take classes in the sequence outlined in the Program Planning Guide, you can complete the diploma in three semesters. If you start in the summer with the first semester classes, you could graduate in the spring!

Can I get my degree online or in the evening?

There are many Accounting courses taught in the evening, and most courses are offered online at least once a year.

What's required to enter the program?

The admissions office has more detailed information, but the main requirement is a high school diploma.

What's different about the diploma? Why should I get a diploma instead of a degree?

The diploma is a 36-credit hour program that provides a good understanding of practical accounting and prepares students for many accounting positions. The degree is a 66-credit hour program that involves more general education classes as well as additional accounting courses.

What can I do with the diploma?

There are many options, according to individual interests. The basic skills included in the diploma should prepare you to enter the accounting administrative and clerical world