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About The Program


Accountants make things happen. With knowledge of financial and business analytical skills, accountants are greatly needed to make decisions. Business is booming these days and the need for accountants has skyrocketed leaving an influx of more job opportunities then there are individuals to fill them. The business world is dynamic, fast-growing, and ever-changing, but there is one job that every company needs regardless of what type of business therein. That job would be of an accountant. What better way to experience success than to play a major role in making things happen.

Why Should You Become an Accountant

Businesses run on accountants and accountants run businesses. As an Accountant, you can hold many positions in a company. These positions can range from all levels such as a Chief Financial Officer, Managing Partner, President, and many others. Accountants can work in private family-owned businesses, publicly-held corporations, government agencies, and public accounting firms.

Have you ever wanted to work on Main Street, Wall Street, serve as an FBI agent, coordinate movie productions, handle international conglomerates, brand new dotcoms, or serve professional sports teams or rock bands? Accountants work and hold possessions in all of these fields!!

The key to being an Accountant is to be studious, hardworking, and trustworthy. Business and individuals depend on accountants to help shape the future as influential experts in their fields.  

What is the potential for employment, or for growth and advancement? Just look at some of the career areas where you can explore:

  • Assurance Services – auditing company financial statements, providing internet security consulting, measuring and evaluating business performance, assisting the elderly and their families with personal management.
  • Consulting Services – providing objective advice and assistance to individuals, businesses, financial institutions, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Information Technology Services – designing and implementing advanced information systems to fit an organization's needs.
  • Environmental Services – with increasing public interest in the environment, conducting compliance audits and designing systems to ensure compliance.
  • Forensic Services – handling accounting investigations or fraud auditing by examining accounting records, searching for evidence of misconduct, and seeking the hiding places of misappropriated assets.
  • International Accounting Services – helping business cope with a global economy by understanding and mastering international trade laws and regulations.
  • Tax and Financial Planning – working with individuals and companies on matters relating to financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, investments and taxes.

Whether it is maximizing profits, determining investment strategies, analyzing future financing needs, or teaching others how to take control of their destiny, accountants are in the right place at the right time to make things happen. Accountants are professionals that deliver value. Never underestimate the value of an accountant.

A Great Career

Make a difference. Choose your destiny. Determine your future. Influence the economy. Make sense of a complex and changing world. Add to your bottom line. Control your life. Imagine the possibilities.