Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm going to miss a class? You are allowed to miss 10% of total class time for emergencies. As soon as you know that you will miss a class, contact your instructor to get assignments. Consult Blackboard and the course syllabus for specific rules. If you are going to miss a scheduled exam, you must take the exam before the scheduled date. 

  Why do the requirements for certificates change, sometimes in significant ways? Certificate programs are designed to provide training that matches current industry standards; as those standards change (usually yearly), program requirements change. For that reason, certificates should be completed in one year, if possible.

Will I have time during class to complete assignments? While many classes provide lab time, most students find it necessary to spend additional time outside of class to complete assignments. Remember, you are developing computer skills – and skills require PRACTICE to master.

Where can I go on campus for more computer time? The ILC (Individualized Learning Center) Computer Center.

What will we cover on the first day of class? The first day of class will include the following; you may also be required to take a pre-test:  

  • Instructor's name, office hours, phone number, and email address
  • Course goals and objectives
  • Attendance policy and other classroom policies
  • Procedure for making up missed classes and tests
  • Textbook chapters that will be covered
  • Types of tests, quizzes, and projects that will be given, and when  
  • How final grades are calculated
  • Supplies needed

How much time will I need to spend on homework? The general rule is one to two hours of studying outside of class for each hour spent in class.