Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC)

Southern Wake Campus, Building B - 250

Scott Northern Wake Campus, Building H - 237

The Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC) provides an on-campus sanctuary for social sciences students.

The SSRC offers a comfortable, inviting place to spend time between classes, complete assignments, study, connect with peers, or get faculty input about courses and programs of study.

Students can use textbooks in the SSRC, check out learning materials for use at home, participate in study sessions with peers and faculty, and use equipment for video conferencing (Southern Wake Campus only). Groups of students can reserve a private space in the center for group study or collaborative projects.

The SSRC is staffed each weekday by social sciences faculty who are available to offer guidance and assistance to students. Hours vary due to faculty availability, but are posted on the door of the center and on online calendars for Southern Wake Hours (opens in new window) and Scott Northern Wake Hours (opens in new window).

To check out what the SSRC has to offer, visit us on Facebook (opens in new window) or Twitter (opens in new window). Whatever you do, be sure to take advantage of this valuable resource for Wake Tech Social Sciences students!

For more information on the Resource Center, contact one of the following faculty members:

Tiffany Grovenstein
Southern Wake Campus
Building B - 271
[email protected]
Mike Lora
Scott Northern Wake Campus
Building H - 233
[email protected]
Emily Shurtleff
Scott Northern Wake Campus
Building H - 227
[email protected]

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