External Event & Conference Services Guide


Wake Tech allows community groups and corporations to rent college classrooms, conference rooms and campus venues for academic or educational purposes when those facilities are not in use for student classes or college activities. Events cannot be similar in nature to courses offered through Wake Tech Curriculum or Workforce Continuing Education services. The college does not reserve space on a continual basis or for social or fundraising functions.

Event booking

On Scott Northern Wake and Southern Wake campuses, facilities are reserved Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The college is closed on Sundays. During summer operating hours, the two campuses are open Monday through Thursday. Facilities are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional hours of operation or information about a specific campus, contact the event coordinator for that campus.

The college requires an approved Facility Use Agreement form and a valid Certificate of Insurance to reserve facilities. Any organization or individual using college facilities without these documents will be required to leave the premises immediately.

Event & Conference Services requires a minimum of five business days to respond to requests for use of college facilities.

Any request to use college facilities that differs from the protocol outlined in this guide will be referred to the Office of the President.

The following items are prohibited on all campuses:

  • Alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Firearms or weapons of any kind
  • Tobacco and vapor products
  • Candles, fire or fireworks
  • Helium balloons

Service animals, such as seeing-eye dogs, are allowed on Wake Tech campuses and in Wake Tech buildings when supervised by their owners/handlers.

Customer responsibilities

Users of college facilities shall comply, and shall cause all of its employees, independent contractors and invitees to comply, with: (a) all rules, regulations, policies, protocols, procedures and guidelines adopted by Wake Tech for visitors and invitees to its campus, including, without limitation, site safety and security policies and procedures designed to protect the health and wellness of Wake Tech students, employees, invitees and visitors; (b) all prudent industry practices for site safety and security; and (c) all applicable public health and safety guidelines issued by governmental authorities having jurisdiction over any Wake Tech campus, including, without limitation, guidelines issued by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Customers (those requesting and using Wake Tech facilities) are responsible for the following:

  • Submitting the required Wake Tech documentation to Events staff at least 14 business days prior to the event.
  • Submitting payment for venue use with a copy of the Facility Use Agreement form. If an invoice is required, one may be requested from Events staff.
  • Reviewing event expectations with Events staff: required documentation, fees, program schedule, setup/layout, audiovisual, parking, catering deliveries, signage, event promotions, material and supplies, safety, emergencies, housekeeping and items pertaining to the event.
  • Informing Events staff of any changes to event plans as soon as possible.
  • Reviewing and becoming familiar with campus parking maps, available for download on the college website.
  • Hiring and paying for the caterer of choice and for overseeing delivery, set up and removal of food and beverages.
  • Reviewing available sign options for the event facility.
  • Providing and removing event materials and supplies on the day of the event.
  • Reviewing all safety requirements during the site visit. If the fire alarm sounds, all should calmly exit the classroom or conference space and building and walk at least 300 feet away from the facilities.
  • Notifying Events staff, dialing 911 or using campus emergency call boxes (mounted on poles with blue lights) in the event of emergencies.
  • Disposing of trash in receptacles provided and informing Events staff if spills occur.

Events staff responsibilities

Wake Tech Events & Conference Services staff are responsible for the following:

  • Reviewing and notifying customers of the status of the Facilities Use Agreement (approval or denial) within five business days of the request and discussing terms and coverage requirements pertaining to the COI or waiver letter with the customer.
  • Consulting and reviewing details of the event with customers: required documentation, fees, program schedule, setup/layout, audiovisual, parking, catering deliveries, signage, material and supplies, safety, emergencies, housekeeping and all items pertaining to the event.
  • Scheduling a site visit and providing confirmation and details via email.
  • If applicable, creating and submitting internal requests for table setup, chairs, stage, signage and audiovisual equipment, according to a customer's specifications and requests.
  • Reviewing catering requirements with customers, including delivery, setup, cleanup and food and beverage removal for events.
  • Posting signs and program monitors for events, if applicable.
  • Verifying that plans are accurate and facilities ready according to a customer's specifications and requests.
  • Providing training and support as necessary on the use of audiovisual equipment and power sources.
  • Helping to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Coordinating campus services if applicable to the event.