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Coronavirus Update

Student Services is offering virtual assistance through Microsoft Teams while our campuses are closed. It is recommended that you download Microsoft Teams to your computer (preferred) or phone in advance. For Academic Advising, please select your usual campus or campus closest to you and join the appropriate EagleQ line. After joining the line, look for text messages that will give you directions for the virtual meeting through Microsoft Teams.

For Wellness Counseling, please select your usual campus or campus closest to you and join Wellness Counseling. You will receive an email with the required forms and directions for your virtual appointment.

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Come in person, sign in below, download the Wake Tech App or download the QLess App on your smartphone (iPhone / Android)Walk-in capabilities, availability of appointments, and majors may vary by campus and time of year.

General Information

You may join a line for these student services:


Be mindful of each office's closing time, and be sure to allow enough time to drive to the campus and meet with staff before the office closes. EagleQ is closed on weekends, holidays and inclement weather days. Check your wireless plan with your service provider as standard text rates may apply.

EagleQ will:

  • Send you a personalized text alert or phone call when it’s your turn to see a staff member on campus if you leave a phone number.
  • Send you an estimated wait time (estimates vary according to the number of people in line ahead of you).
  • Allow you to ask for more time.
  • Alert you when you are near your arrival time.