Salary Data for Wake Tech Programs

The wages or salary of a position should be a consideration as you explore possible careers and programs of study at Wake Tech.

As part of its Reach and Rally Strategic Plan, Wake Tech set a goal to increase the percentage of its students who find sustainable employment in jobs where they earn a living wage after completing a credential. The living-wage threshold for an individual in Wake County was calculated to be $15.92 per hour – just over $33,100 annually – in September 2022. That calculation was made by setting the threshold at two-thirds of the median wage in the county, weighted by the number of jobs in each occupation.

Wake Tech will update the threshold annually to reflect changing wages. Other methods can be used to estimate living-wage thresholds that include factors such as households of different sizes and family composition. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, has created a calculator to check out living-wage thresholds in various locations, including Wake County.

The charts on the pages linked to the buttons below reflect annual salaries for dozens of careers in 13 fields that align with Wake Tech programs. Lightcast, an Idaho-based labor market data analysis firm, uses various data, including quarterly wage and salary information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, to project salaries for entry-level positions, as well as after four to five years and after 10 years in specific careers.

Other resources are available to help with research into which programs in higher education lead to living-wage jobs in and near Wake County:

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