Salaries for Jobs in Communication, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

ProgramPotential job titlesEntry-level4-5 years10 yearsStar rating
Advertising and Graphic DesignGraphic designer, desktop publisher, pre-press technician$25,293$48,131$72,9874
Associate in Fine Arts: Visual ArtsInterior designer, journalist$34,923$53,893$87,1733
Interior DesignInterior designer$29,307$46,592$70,7203

About the numbers

Lightcast is an Idaho-based labor market data analysis firm that aims to help communities understand the economic value of higher education and help colleges maximize the value of their education.

Lightcast projects salaries for entry-level positions, as well as after four to five years and after 10 years in specific careers. Various data, including quarterly wage and salary information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and proprietary internal projections, is used to make the projections. The company's data helps identify skill gaps that keep job seekers and employers apart and tools to bridge that gap.

Star ratings are assigned by, a partnership of state-level experts in public education, higher education, workforce development, college financing and labor market economics. The ratings are based on wages, projected growth rate and projected job openings. Occupations are rated from one to five stars, and those with more stars are considered to have better career prospects.