Travel Abroad

Wake Tech's Travel Abroad Program

"After completing my European trip with Wake Tech, I now feel like a changed person. Not only do I view the world differently, but I am also viewing my life differently as well."
– James Feely

Australia, Spain, Japan, Germany, Italy and more! Wake Tech offers a world of exciting and educational travel experiences for students, faculty, staff and members of the community through its Travel Abroad program.

Check out photos and videos from previous trips, and click the following links for complete itineraries and cost information for upcoming trips. You can also email the faculty member leading each trip for more information.

Faculty contact
May 12-20, 2024
May 12-21, 2025


"From the moment I boarded the plane to my very last day there, I could not believe all that I got to experience. I got to see a Cuba that no picture, book or film could ever convey. The people of Cuba alone were the highlight of my trip."
– Catherine Smith


To sign up for one of the trips, call Explorica customer service at 888-310-7121. A $99 registration fee, payable by credit card, is required to reserve a seat and freeze the trip price.

Explorica will ask you to verify the trip information found in the flier, such as the date of the tour, the tour leader, the school and the trip code (e.g., "Barton-3582").

Explorica is flexible with payment plans and will offer automatic or manual options. A monthly payment plan is suggested.

NOTE: To register for the May 2025 trip to England, Ireland and Wales, call EF Tours at 877-485-4184. Request the tour under "Beaman at Wake Tech" or by program number 2675652RT.

"If you want to take a trip and get immersed in the culture of the country, travel with Wake Tech."
– Ernestine Ledbetter