Employer FAQs

What can a Registered Apprenticeship program do for my business?

Many businesses these days are struggling to find qualified workers to replace an aging workforce.  Apprenticeship provides a customized training program that meets the specific needs of your business.  In developing the program, you work with NCWorks Apprenticeship to determine the skills you want your workers to have and then design the training to meet those needs.  The classroom training is then reinforced through on-the-job learning where the apprentices are taught by an experienced mentor from your company.  The end result is a highly skilled worker who is trained not only in their craft but in how your company does things.  In addition, an apprenticeship offers a safer work environment through increased attention to safety training and improved employee retention.  Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show that 91% of individuals who complete an apprenticeship program are still with their employer 9 months later. 

Is there any cost for setting up an apprenticeship program?

There are no direct costs or fees for setting up an apprenticeship program.  Monitoring the program will require a company to maintain records on each apprentice’s work experience.  The costs of this monitoring should, however, be more than offset by the apprentice’s improved performance. 

How do I set up a Registered Apprenticeship Program?

Companies that wish to start a Registered Apprenticeship Program can contact our staff by phone at 919-335-1225 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Who provides the classroom training for the apprentices?

While employers can set up their own training programs, they typically find the process too cumbersome.  Those who wish to start an apprenticeship program, but want others to do their training should contact Michael Moore, the Director of Apprenticeship Training for Wake Technical Community College by phone at 919-335-1043, or e-mail at [email protected].   Mr. Moore can discuss training alternatives and assist with the design of a training program that ensures the company is receiving training that fits their company’s needs.