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Wake Tech offers courses designed especially for adults 50 and over that can help you discover a new career, improve your job search skills, plan for retirement, or explore personal interests. 

At our Plus 50 events, you can sample courses and attend presentations from community experts on a wide variety of topics - small business counseling, long-term healthcare, retirement, beer brewing, flying commercial drones, and much more! Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming Plus 50 events. 

Check out these programs and resources:

Become an Entrepreneur

You may have dreamed of starting a business or turning hobbies or volunteer work into a money-making operation. Wake Tech's Small Business Center and Entrepreneurship Initiatives programs have resources to help get you started. Talk with an SBC advisor (live and in person!) in a free, confidential session, any time questions arise.

Launch Your Business

Retired to Re-hired!

Going back into the workforce can be daunting: You may wonder about your tech skills or generation gaps in the workplace - or you may be seeing a challenge you haven't identified yet. Wake Tech's Workforce Continuing Education division can help -- and the Career Transitions Forum is a great place to start. This unique, weekly series of lectures and networking activities brings professionals together to share ideas and experience in a supportive environment. 

Career Transitions Forum

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Behavioral FinanceSEF-3001AB2
This course introduces students to behavioral finance and provides a foundation for better financial decision-making. The first step to successfully investing money is to not lose it! The course will cover the theory and practice of behavioral finance, including common heuri...
Career Readiness for the Child/Elder Care ProviderHRD-3004AV4
This course is designed for unemployed/underemployed adults and displaced workers who are interested in learning more about becoming care providers. Participants will explore child and elder care provider roles, job duties, working and learning environments, social aspects o...
Career Transitions Forum: Lecture Series for Business ProfessionalsHRD-3006X21 available classes
This course offers support to professionals who are transitioning in their careers. The course includes lectures, activities, and opportunities for networking and support. Topics vary weekly and incorporate professional community resources that provide a current, real-world...
Ghost Stories and Strange Tales of North CarolinaCSP-4000AC2
From ghost ships off the coast to mysterious mountain lights, North Carolina has some tales that may keep you awake or make you hesitant to visit certain haunts! This three-part course presents tales from all three of NC’s geographic regions – Mountains, Piedmont, and Coasta...
Healthy AgingSEF-7999E2 available classes
As the U.S. population ages, opportunities abound for working with seniors in various settings that support quality of life. This certificate program presents an overview of the aspects of aging and health in the later years. It helps to build a foundation for the treatment...
Hire Yourself: Create Your Own CareerHRD-3004BM2
Explore opportunities for self-employment with little startup expenses. Learn about various possibilities for launching and developing a business of your own and how to get started. If your work history is less than ideal or if you have limited education, a criminal record,...
History of Pre-Code American FilmsCSP-4000EM2
Travel back in time to the period between 1927 and 1934; the dawn of talking films and before the Hayes Code (censorship) was enforced in 1934. Learn how censorship laws changed Hollywood. An overview of three films made during the pre-code era. The theme will be powerful w...
History of Women Film DirectorsCSP-4000EI2
This course provides an overview of three American films written and directed by women. Students will see and discuss one film each week. Films will include two lesser-known independent films in the “lonely woman drifter” genre: Barbara Loden's Avant-garde Wanda; Debra Grani...
History Through ArtCSP-4000FT2
This course examines how history is portrayed in images and artifacts as opposed to words. In some cases, images and text combine to enhance the story, while in others, they may confuse or mislead. This course series presents an introduction to the concept of Healing Arts, A...
Horticulture Therapy for SeniorsCSP-4000ES2
Would you like to create a beautiful centerpiece or arrangement for your home? This course will show you how! You’ll learn how to choose and care for a variety of plants, and how to design a decorative piece using color, shape, size, and container – in traditional and more m...
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