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HRD (Human Resources Development) courses provide employability skills training and assistance for adults who are trying to find employment, transitioning back into the workforce, or working to redefine their professional niche in today's global market.

Classes are designed to address current needs and trends of the complex and constantly changing workforce. 

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*All HRD courses are fee-waived for qualifying individuals who are unemployed, "underemployed," or who have received notice of layoff or pending layoff.*


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Financial Literacy: Budget and CreditHRD-3008N2
This course introduces general financial literacy concepts, including budgeting, banking, and using different methods of payment from checks to credit cards. Financial literacy is essential for estimating income and keeping track of the expenses of daily living.
Find Your Song & Sing It: Finding Or Creating Work You LoveHRD-3003Z2
Utilizing a unique, three-pronged approach to career development – plan/do/review – this course will help you set career goals and focus on what works for you as opposed to a narrow, pre-defined pathway. You’ll assess your accomplishments, work that has been fulfilling, hobb...
Finding Your Compass: Where Are You Going and Why?HRD-3003AR2
This course can help you determine possibilities and set your life on a new course, in a new direction. You will identify self-imposed limitations and the damaging effects of negative thinking and learn how to replace negative thoughts with a move positive view of self. You...
Get an Edge on the Competition: Electronic Resume TipsHRD-3001AV2
Explore current technologies used in the hiring process to find out how to make them work for you! Fabulous formatting and strong action verbs are no longer enough to make sure your resume gets a second look. Resumes are reviewed in today’s work world by machine scanners, no...
Get Organized to Accelerate Your Job SearchHRD-3001BS2
Accelerate your job search using practical methods of planning and organizing your job search activities. Tailor your resume to fit your target position. Learn how to set up your workspace and establish a system for managing information related to your job search. Maximize y...
Going Places NetworkHRD-3006G2
This workshop is a collaborative effort between Dress for Success Triangle and Wake Tech Community College's Human Resources Development programs. The emphasis is on personal development, employability skills training, goal setting, and the development of a written plan of a...
Going Places Network: REAL (Retail Education Advancing Leadership)HRD-3006AB2
This course will help students advance in retail/customer service careers. The first half focuses on the elements of telephone interviews, why they’re important in the hiring process, and what skills are needed for successful telephone interviewing. The second half of the co...
Hire Yourself: Create Your Own CareerHRD-3004BM2
Explore opportunities for self-employment with little startup expenses. Learn about various possibilities for launching and developing a business of your own and how to get started. If your work history is less than ideal or if you have limited education, a criminal record,...
How To Get The Success You WantHRD-3003X2
It has been said that “your dream determines your goals, your goals map out your actions, and your actions create results.” Create your own road map to success – enjoy the journey because you know where you’re going! This course will help you identify the skills you need to...
How to Make Money When You Don't Have A JobHRD-3008G23 available classes
Find out how to earn money with just your computer and an internet connection: Learn how to find and bid on freelance projects: article writing and editing, translation, graphic art, logo design, ghostwriting, website design, research assistance, and more. Find out how to ou...
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