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HRD (Human Resources Development) courses provide employability skills training and assistance for adults who are trying to find employment, transitioning back into the workforce, or working to redefine their professional niche in today's global market.

Classes are designed to address current needs and trends of the complex and constantly changing workforce. 

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*All HRD courses are fee-waived for qualifying individuals who are unemployed, "underemployed," or who have received notice of layoff or pending layoff.*

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Side Hustles to Supplement IncomeHRD-3003AX2
Today's technology-based society offers many opportunities to supplement income. Assess your own readiness for earning extra money in our “gig” economy – your outlook and aptitude for using your phone and the internet to take on short-term work assignments. Explore how to fi...
Smart Money ManagementHRD-3008O2
Developing money management skills, especially when facing unemployment or reduced wages, can be a daunting challenge. Our Smart Money Management course will provide financial management skills for adults in these situations, along with tips for living on less. Participants...
Smarter Money Management: Keys to Making Good Financial DecisionsHRD-3008R2
Financial planning is essential for adults seeking to move toward a living wage. Learn how to start a budget, re-build credit scores, manage debt, manage expenses, eliminate unnecessary spending, and develop a wage improvement plan. Discover a framework for making sound econ...
Steps 2 SuccessHRD-3001BN2
This program provides opportunities for unemployed citizens receiving services through Wake County's Economic Services Program. It is a partnership of the Wake County Manager's Office, Wake County Human Resources, Wake County Human Services, and the Capital Area Workforce De...
Strategies for Career SuccessHRD-3006F2
This course is designed for unemployed or underemployed adults who want to learn new job search strategies and utilize the support of coaching to secure career-related employment, attain a successful career, identify vocational or educational training opportunities, and plan...
Technology Skills for Workplace EffectivenessHRD-3005BH2
Improve your technology skills to enhance your potential for success in the workplace! This course will help you improve keyboarding speed and accuracy, create more effective emails, conduct efficient internet searches to find online resources, and use word processing and sp...
Technology Tools for Job Search StrategiesHRD-3005N2
Learn to use computer technology, the internet, and e-mail to search for jobs – develop and market your brand, apply for multiple positions using search assistants, and identify resources that can help you find employment. Use word processing to create forms for tracking job...
What Not to Say: Interview EssentialsHRD-3001AU2
Learn the words and phrases you should avoid in an interview -- the ones that can make you sound indecisive or insincere. Find out how to eliminate “credibility robbers” from your vocabulary. Enlist the support of your instructor and fellow students to remind you when you ar...
Working Effectively With OthersHRD-3006H2
This course is designed for those who want to learn how to be more effective in their personal and professional lives. Explore the natural filters through which people see the world and make decisions – and become more aware of your own filters. Interaction style, psychologi...
You Can Earn More than That!HRD-3006AA2
Are you tired of making the same annual salary? Want to move up? This class prepares job seekers to communicate effectively for career success and to negotiate for increased income. Students will learn to set short- and long-term goals that impact earning potential.
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