Skills Training for Job Seekers (HRD)


HRD (Human Resources Development) courses provide employability skills training and assistance for adults who are trying to find employment, transitioning back into the workforce, or working to redefine their professional niche in today's global market.

Classes are designed to address current needs and trends of the complex and constantly changing workforce. 

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*All HRD courses are fee-waived for qualifying individuals who are unemployed, "underemployed," or who have received notice of layoff or pending layoff.*


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Pathways to Careers in Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Corrections, and SecurityHRD-3004BH2
This course is designed to explore various careers in law Enforcement, public safety, corrections, and security, including patrol officers, deputies, detectives, forensic science technicians, federal agents, game wardens, security guards, probation officers, and correction o...
Pathways to Working from HomeHRD-3004BJ2
Thousands of people work from home each day, and you could be one. This course will help you learn about legitimate opportunities to work remotely. You will explore tools and technology that make communicating remotely easy. The course will teach strategies on how and whe...
Re-BOOST Your Career ProspectsHRD-3001BO2
Develop career skills through Wake Tech’s partnership with Passage Home Safety Club and find paying positions. You will assess your current knowledge, skills, and abilities and develop a plan to advance in the world of work. This course helps you build a positive self-concep...
Resume to the Interview and the Steps In-BetweenHRD-3001BD2
The course covers the major components of finding a job – starting with the resume and ending with the interview. The course includes developing an effective resume, completing online applications using key words and phrases (to get noticed), and techniques for the job searc...
Smart Money Management: Making It WorkHRD-3008O2
This course is designed to provide employability skills for adults living on unemployment or reduced wages, along with tips for living on less. Participants will learn how to re-build credit scores, manage debt, manage expenses, eliminate unnecessary spending, and develop a...
Steps 2 SuccessHRD-3001BN2
This program provides opportunities for unemployed citizens receiving services through Wake County's Economic Services Program. It is a partnership of the Wake County Manager's Office, Wake County Human Resources, Wake County Human Services, and the Capital Area Workforce De...
Strategies for Career SuccessHRD-3006F2
This course is designed for unemployed or underemployed adults who want to learn new job search strategies and utilize the support of coaching to secure career-related employment, attain a successful career, identify vocational or educational training opportunities, and plan...
What Not to Say: Interview EssentialsHRD-3001AU2
Learn the words and phrases you should avoid in an interview – the ones that can make you sound indecisive or insincere. Find out how to eliminate “credibility robbers” from your vocabulary. Enlist the support of your instructors, fellow students, and others to remind you wh...
Working Effectively With OthersHRD-3006H2
This course is designed for those who want to learn how to be more effective in their personal and professional lives. Explore the natural filters through which people see the world and make decisions – and become more aware of your own filters. Interaction style, psychologi...
You Can Earn More than That!HRD-3006AA2
Learn how to create a clear plan for upward mobility and increased pay. Students will learn to set short- and long-term goals that lead to higher wages and career advancement. The classes prepares jobseekers to communicate effectively for career success.
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