Business Administration Technical Standards

Essential function Standard Examples


  • Communicate effectively and professionally when interacting with peers, faculty, staff and guests using the English language verbally and in written form
  • Follow verbal and written instructions in the English language
  • Deliver oral presentations, interact in group discussions, describe decisions, demonstrate listening skills, write reports and follow directions
  • Speak and write clearly and distinctly for seated classroom and/or online assignments, projects and exams
  • Send clear, concise, professional emails to peers and faculty


Physical strength and abilities
  • Sit in a classroom environment
  • Move about in classroom to work in groups/teams
  • Use critical-thinking skills to make decisions
  • Read and follow directions
  • Remain seated or quietly stand for the entire class period
  • Move safely about in classroom to work in groups/teams according to instructions
  • Solve problems and analyze situations by using critical-thinking skills
  • Complete assignment by reading and following directions


Mobility and motor skills
  • Move freely, quickly and safely in a classroom environment
  • Operate a computer or assignments or during inclement weather
  • Move safely within a classroom environment when presenting reports or information to the class
  • Move safely within the classroom to reconfigure into teams for group projects and/or collaborative efforts
  • Operate computer as needed for exams, quizzes or assignments
  • Operate computer as needed to complete assignments in lieu of a missed classroom instruction or inclement weather


  • Hear voice instructions in a classroom environment
  • Hear equipment alarms
  • Read printed and written instructions
  • Feel the computer keyboard to touch type.
  • Complete assignments from voice instruction
  • Read instructions for assignments, projects and exams
  • Key in the assignments as needed


Interpersonal and emotional
  • Work cooperatively with other students and instructors
  • Complete an equitable share of duties
  • Follow directions of instructors and fellow students
  • Remain calm in a changing environment
  • Self-manage medical and emotional conditions
  • Participate in team projects or collaborative efforts with other students
  • Provide assistance to fellow students and instructors when asked.\
  • Maintain a cooperative spirit while working in groups or team environment
  • Complete duties as assigned
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Manage one’s medical and/or emotional conditions in order to permit self, others and the program to meet educational goals

*Some standards/examples may apply to online/seated courses.
As of 11/18/2010