Architectural Technology Certificates

  • The Architectural Building Design Certificate is a higher Second-year certificate that demonstrates students’ skills and knowledge as it relates to basic building design concepts. Students learn to apply skills from Environmental Systems ranging from Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems, Sustainable Design Strategies, Architectural Structures, Site Planning and Building Codes to Architectural Design. Students will complete a Final Design Project as part of this certificate to demonstrate a competition of understanding and knowledge of basic Architectural design systems.

  • The Architectural CAD Certificate is our first level Certificate that prepares students in basic knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD software and its application with Architectural 2-Dimensional drawing. Students will learn to generate floor plans, elevations, and sections as well as standard architectural industry graphic standards. Courses in this certificate are prerequisite to higher level certificates.

  • This certificate is a second-year certificate that demonstrates students understanding, knowledge and application of Architectural Construction Technology as it relates to use of software with residential and commercial building construction in the architectural industry. After completion of this certificate, students will be able to apply construction knowledge through building codes, systems, contracts, and specifications and generate detailed Architectural drawings using both Architectural CAD and BIM software.

  • The Architectural Graphics Certificate is an upper level certificate that requires students to take Architectural Graphics content from hand drawing, Architectural CAD, BIM software, Adobe Photoshop and additional Architectural Graphics Elective courses to prepare students in generating higher level Architectural Rendering skills and Portfolio Graphic skills. Students are introduced to new methods of creating realistic Architectural content through modeling, digital graphics, and multiple skills in graphic documentation.

  • The Building Information Modeling Certificate is an upper-level certificate. Students learn basic Revit Architecture software skills as well as SketchUp Software and an introduction to Adobe Photoshop. Students apply knowledge of Architectural building materials and Architectural systems to generate 3-Dimensional digital Architectural Models.