Summer Camps for Teens

Camp Name Age Range Cost
ACT Test Prep graphic ACT Exam Prep

Do you have test anxiety or just need an overview before you take the ACT® exam? Wake Tech can help! We have structured programs to help you prepare, review, and practice testing. Get immediate, personalized feedback from our experienced faculty.

14-17 $450
IPad App Development iPad App Development

Learn to build simple apps for iPhone and iPad!  In this camp, you’ll learn the basics of app programming using Apple’s Swift programming language.  By the end of this camp, you’ll be able to use Xcode to build and test simple iPhone and iPad apps

13-16 $300
Video Game Programming Campers Video Game Engine Programming

This camp teaches students basic video game programming concepts using the Unity 3D game engine. Students will learn basic programming techniques along with basic game building techniques using real game creation software.

15-17 $300
Video Game Design Camp Video Game Design

Learn to design and create video games! Using drag-and-drop software, campers will create video games with 2D animations, backgrounds, music, graphics, and sound effects.

14-17 $300
Campers testing their robots Robotics Introduction

Learn to build and program robots using an exciting robotics learning system called Roborobo! Students will be introduced to robot programming techniques with an easy to use graphical programming language. They'll learn about different sensors use

12-14 $300
Camper enhances robot Robotics Exploration

This robotics camp for high schoolers takes students through the process of designing and creating a functional robotic arm.

14-17 $325
Level Design Video Game Level Design for Video Games

In this camp, students will learn to create 3D virtual environments using the industry-leading software Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

14-17 $300
Campers build a bridge Girls Raised in the Sciences

Experience the fun of STEM through hands-on activities! In this all-girls camp you'll explore the science behind roller coasters, investigate crime scenes, learn about 3D printing, and much more.


12-14 $300
Girls in STEM Camp Girls in STEM

Experience the fun of STEM through hands-on activities! While at this all-girls camp, you'll build Bristle Bots, investigate statistical coding, explore genetics and infectious diseases, and learn about 3D printing.


14-16 $300
Campers Building Structures Engineering Technology

Students will design, construct, and test projects relating to various fields of engineering. This camp encourages the participants to use collaboration, communication, and critical thinking to solve problems.

12-14 $300
Camper creates a 3D Animation 3D Animation for Video Games

Learn how to create 3D computer animations using the industry software, 3D Studio Max. Students will begin by learning the tools and the basics of animation, including creating key-framed animations set to audio using pre-made rigs.

14-17 $300
Camper flying a drone Drones, Drones, Drones!

Want to get your teen off the couch and outside this summer? Learn the ups and downs of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle technology (UAV), otherwise known as DRONES!

13-17 $250
Campers learn Photoshop Photoshopping

 Photoshopping is slang for the digital editing of photos.

11-14 $250
Creating cool websites Creating Cool Websites

Learn to create fantastic and inviting websites that will give you bragging rights.

13-16 $250
Campers suited in the biotech lab Basics of Biotech

Explore the world of biotechnology! This course gives students a glimpse of the microscopic world as viewed through the eyes of a biotechnologist.

13-16 $160
Camper using a MAC to edit video Digital Videography

Tailored for teens and pre-teens, this fun class is for any skill level, using any digital video camera or digital stills camera (DSLR, mirrorless, Advanced Point & Shoot) with Shutter Priority (S or Tv) or Manual (M) mode and video capabiliti

13-17 $200
Campers learn how to feed a baby. American Red Cross Babysitting

Are you a current or future babysitter?  Do you enjoy playing with kids?

11-15 $200
Sign Language American Sign Language: Beginning

Have you always wanted to learn to sign and communicate with others who use sign language? In the America Sign Language Camp students will learn how to sign common vocabulary often seen in our daily lives.

14-17 $250
Photography camp Photography

Tailored for teens and pre-teens, this fun class is for any skill level, using any camera from a basic point & shoot to a DSLR.  Campers will receive hands-on experience learning what your camera buttons and menus do; how to use scenic, macro

13-17 $200
Campers with their decorated cakes Cake Decorating: Beginning

Learn to level, tort, frost, and fill.  This course will explore using all these techniques on cupcakes, round cakes, and square cakes.

13-17 $250
Campers watching a K9 demonstration Public Safety Camp

Explore the dynamics of various public safety career choices during this interactive camp while learning the valuable lesson of “Don’t Drive Distracted.” Participate in scenario based training with guidance through an accident scene, EMS response,

11-14 $200