Summer Camps for Teens

Camp Name Age Range Cost
Girls Raised in the Sciences Summer Camp Girls Raised in the Sciences (G.R.I.T.S)

Experience the fun of STEM through hands-on activities! In this all-girls camp you'll grow a bacteria powered fuel cell, assemble mBots and use graphical programming language to control them.

11-15 $225
Barista & Customer Service Training Summer Camp Barista & Customer Service Training

Gain the skills needed to land your first job or up your employability through Barista and Customer Service Training.

14-17 $300
Basics of BioTech Camp Basics of Biotech

Explore biotechnology! This course gives students an introduction into the careers of a biotechnologist.

13-17 $200
Cake Decorating Camp: Intermediate Cake Decorating 2: Intermediate

Take your beginning cake decorating skills to the next level! Learn how to work with rolled fondant, gum paste, and royal icing, cover square cakes, prepare drapes, paint on fondant, create facial expressions on fondant characters, and more!

13-17 $350
Graphic Design Camp Graphic Design

Have you always wanted to learn Graphic Design? This camp will teach you how create visual messages that inspire.

13-17 $275
American Sign Language: Intermediate American Sign Language: Intermed.

Do you want to improve your signing skills and expand your vocabulary? This camp has what you need. You’ll learn how to converse more easily and how to formulate ASL sentences. You’ll also learn interesting facts about deaf culture.

13-17 $275
Beginning Sewing Camp Pins & Needles: Intro to Sewing

Are you ready to sew? If so, this camp is perfect for you and a great start for first time and beginner sewers. Each student will learn how to properly operate a sewing machine, use sewing tools, and aides.

13-17 $350
Advanced Cake Decorating Camp Cake Decorating 3: Advanced

Kick your cake decorating skills up a notch in this advanced camp! Learn how to prepare tiger lilies, hibiscus, and other flowers with leaves using petal dust, edible markers, and edible glaze.

13-17 $350
Campers learn about choking hazards American Red Cross Babysitting

Are you a current or future babysitter?  Do you enjoy playing with kids?

11-15 $225
Sign Language American Sign Language: Beginning

Have you always wanted to learn to sign and communicate with others who use sign language? In the America Sign Language Camp, students will learn how to sign common vocabulary often seen in our daily lives.

13-17 $275
Photography camp Photography

Tailored for teens and pre-teens, this fun class is for any skill level, using any camera from a basic point & shoot to a DSLR.  Campers will receive hands-on experience learning what your camera buttons and menus do; how to use scenic, macro

13-17 $225
Campers with their decorated cakes Cake Decorating 1: Beginning

Learn to level, tort, frost, and fill.  This course will explore using all these techniques on cupcakes, round cakes, and square cakes.

13-17 $350
Public Safety Summer Camp Public Safety Education

Explore the dynamics of various public safety career choices during this interactive camp while learning the valuable lesson of “Don’t Drive Distracted.” Participate in scenario based training with guidance through an accident scene, EMS response,

11-15 $225