Registration Procedures


To register for classes, you must first meet admission requirements.

If you are a visiting student, make sure to follow the necessary steps for admission and fill out the Visiting Student Prerequisite Approval form.

Registration hours

Registration is conducted online via Self-Service, which is available 24 hours a day, with the exception of 9 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Friday for system maintenance.

Every effort will be made to maintain these hours of operation. However, the college reserves the right to close the system as necessary. Should you access the site and the system does not respond, you will be given instructions.

Registration dates are listed on the Priority Dates calendar. Prior to your registration, you can view your registration date and time on your "Plan and Schedule" page in Self-Service, but you cannot register prior to your registration priority date.

Searching and registering for classes in Self-Service

Meeting with an academic advisor to plan courses before registering is strongly encouraged.

  • Log in to Self-Service with your Wake Tech email and password
  • Click "Student Planning" and then "Go to Plan & Schedule"
  • Type the class subject and course number in the search box in the top right-hand corner (ex. ENG 111).
  • Click "View Available Sections" and then click on the term and review the section offerings
  • Click "Plan Section on Schedule" beside the course section you would like to add
  • After looking over the section details for the class selected, click "Plan Section"
  • Click "Back to Planning Overview" in the upper left corner and then "Go to Plan & Schedule"
  • Be sure you are in the correct term, find the course you want to add in the list of sections on the left-hand side of the calendar and then click "Register." (NOTE: The course will turn green on the calendar view once you are successfully registered. Check your Wake Tech email for a confirmation.)
  • If a class is full, you can add yourself to the waiting list for a closed section by clicking "Add to Waitlist" instead of "Register." If a seat becomes available, you will automatically be enrolled in that section and notified by email, as long as there are no conflicts with other classes on your schedule.
  • Remember to check your class schedule and your Wake Tech email. You will need to drop any classes you no longer want.

Text documentation regarding how to register for classes using Self- Service is provided at under Academics.

View schedule of classes without logging in

If you simply want to search the schedule of classes without registering, you do not need a user ID or password. Simply select "View For-Credit Courses" on Self-Service page of the website.