About ILC Tutoring Center

Individualized Learning Center Tutoring

Who We Are

The ILC provides Wake Tech students with the tools they need to develop as successful, independent learners.

What We Do

The ILC offers professional tutoring in a wide variety of courses. Our services are available without charge to Wake Tech students at each campus location and online.

In addition, the ILC offers:

  • Workshops and small-group activities
  • Supplemental tutorials and resources
  • Subject-specific learning environments
  • Friendly tutors eager to help students succeed

The Wake Tech Community College Individualized Learning Center (ILC)

Check out our Individualized Learning Center SUCCESS STORIES video (opens in a new window) 
for more information about the Wake Tech Individualized Learning Center.
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Discover Your Learning Style!

The ILC offers a unique way to help students discover the study strategies that suit their individual style of learning.

In a series of two free Learning Styles workshops:

  1. Students discover their Best Fit personality type.
  2. Students learn specific study skills that match their Best Fit type.

Learning Style Student Success:

“As a result of my learning styles assessment and workshops, I have become aware of strategies to manage and control my anxiety issues… It has become clear to me after taking this assessment the importance of all students understanding their own learning styles and what works best for them, depending on the type of person they are.”

Find out more about Learning Syles Workshops, available seated and online.

Individualized Learning Center Coordinator - Sharon W. McMillian [email protected]