About the Center for Financial Education

Wake Technical Community College, your “future-forward” college, takes an innovative approach to improve lives. Wake Tech is committed to offering money management programs that financially empower students, staff, and the community alike.

Incoming students expressed concerns about their economic futures. We listened. And thanks to the generous support of the SunTrust Foundation and the hard work of a group of passionate staff members, we took action. As a result, the Center for Personal Finance was established to help people make sound financial decisions for a promising future. 

Wake Tech has adopted a comprehensive strategy to help students develop skills that move them toward rewarding lives. More than 200 Associates degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs are offered to help students command higher incomes upon graduation. The SunTrust Foundation Center for Financial Education helps students leverage this advantage by giving them essential money management skills—a healthy step toward achieving their desired lifestyles. 

The Center for Personal Finance is the preeminent college financial education initiative. It's real-world programming—developed with the support of the National Financial Educators Council—employs multiple touchpoints, collaboration, and modern marketing techniques to maximize campaign benefits. 

This groundbreaking financial education initiative serves a diverse community and student body. The empirical data gathered at each phase creates a best practices model that other universities, colleges, and organizations can emulate. 

In the spring of 2019, The SunTrust Foundation Center for Financial Education transitioned into the Student Money Management program with full-time, on-site staff.  The program is designed to provide financial education to students through classroom presentations, workshops, and one-on-one financial coaching sessions.

Collaborating Organizations

Wake Technical Community College Organizations 
Wake Tech is fully committed to designing a comprehensive financial education initiative for prospective students, current students, staff, and faculty. The planning, implementation and assessment of the financial literacy program is a collaborative effort between Wake Tech’s administration, Foundation Office, GED/ABE Programs, Student Activities Office, Financial Aid Office, Promotions & Marketing and Curriculum Education Services. The college is dedicated to providing this holistic financial education initiative in order to increase financial literacy and allow participants to achieve financial freedom and empowerment. 

SunTrust Foundation 
Established in 2008, the SunTrust Foundation’s mission is to provide monetary support to nonprofit organizations and institutions engaged in activities promoting education, health and human services, culture and art, and civic and community involvement that contribute to the social and economic development of the communities SunTrust serves. 

National Financial Educators Council
The National Financial Educators Council revolutionizes the financial literacy industry by delivering comprehensive campaigns to the global community. The NFEC is widely recognized for creating high-profile financial literacy initiatives that span all areas of personal finance. These campaigns are designed to improve community outcomes and raise awareness for the financial literacy movement. The NFEC mission is to create a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of people they influence around the globe.