GPA Calculator

Your GPA is calculated using grades, grade points per credit hour, and hours attempted.

Wake Tech's grade point system is shown in the table below. The system applies to all courses except Pre-Curriculum.

Grade Grade points per credit hour Explanation
A 4 Excellent
B 3 Very Good
C 2 Satisfactory
D 1 Poor
F 0 Failing
W 0 Withdrawal (prior to 60%)
WF 0 Withdrawal-Failing(after 60%)
WP 0 Withdrawal-Passing(after 60%)

Do not include Pre-Curriculum classes. Credit hours for pre-curriculum courses are not counted in hours attempted, and those grades do not count toward cumulative GPA.

Likewise, courses with grades of NA (never attended), AU (audit), X (challenged), W (withdrawal), or WP (withdrawal-passing) are not considered in hours attempted and are not counted toward cumulative GPA.

NOTE: These GPA calculators are for unofficial use ONLY and are not connected with Wake Tech's Registration and Student Records Services.

GPA Calculator