Career Services Presents:
“Make Your Career Virtually Unstoppable”
Webinar Series

Sessions are free to prospective/enrolled students and alumni.

In the blink of an eye, we now live and work in an environment that’s primarily virtual.

Navigating your career under these circumstances requires changing your tactics and learning new techniques. Although we are transitioning in unprecedented times, it is prime time to reset the steps along your career journey. We’re here to help!

Led by industry experts, this webinar series will provide you with invaluable knowledge and effective practices to help make your career virtually unstoppable!




I'm All Business!

Tuesday, October 26, 12-1:30pm

In collaboration with Business Administration Department, Career Services is hosting a virtual career spotlight, I'm All Business!, on Tuesday, October 26th at 12-1:30pm.

Join us and engage in discussion with a panel of successful professionals shedding light on careers in Business Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, and Real Estate! 

Our featured panelists:

  • Kris Ross, Director of Benefits (Wake Technical Community College)
  • Katie Gailes, Director of Entrepreneurship Initiatives (Wake Technical Community College)

  • Abby Saucedo, Real Estate Agent (Coldwell Banker Advantage/Wake Technical Community College Alumni)

  • Damien Perez, VP of Certifications (North Carolina Project Management Institute)

  • John Andrews, President (Katadhin)


===== Recordings of Previous Sessions =====

Maximizing Your Interview Follow Up

Wednesday, April 28th - 6:00 p.m.

Your post-interview follow-up approach is an important and often overlooked step in the hiring process. A strong follow-up can make you stand out above other candidates, further showcase your skills, correct interview missteps and gain valuable feedback.

Join us for a conversation led by recruitment professionals, who have conducted hundreds of interviews, to help you maximize your follow-up approach. 

Our experienced team of panelists includes:

  • Garion Bunn, Agent - State Farm Insurance
  • Ylenia Sharif, Senior DEI Analyst - UNC Health Care
  • Lauren Olson, Vice President of Growth Strategy - Avenica
  • Kelli Howard, Talent Acquisition Manager - Surveying and Mapping LLC
  • Mariah Agsten, Human Resources Manager - SEPI Engineering

Career Spotlight: STEAM Professionals

Thursday, March 18th from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

In honor of Women's History Month, it's "The PowHER of STEAM!" This career spotlight honors women in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Our guest panelists share their journey, shed light on STEAM careers, and empower aspiring STEAM professionals. 

Featured Panelists:

  • Schantel Bouknight, DVM, PhD, Scientific Director at Charlies River Laboratories
  • Tess Bradford, CEO and owner of The Bright Insight Group
  • Kendra Settles, Electrical Engineering Manager at Siemens Industry
  • Ellen Edwards Long, Designer/ Owner of Jewels by Elan
  • Nicole Mack, Statistician at Research Triangle Institute

Career Spotlight: STEM Professionals

In honor of National STEM Day, it's "Full STEM Ahead" as we engage with professionals positively impacting our world in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!

Featured Panelists Include:

  • Koren Townsend, Senior Application Developer, Red Hat
  • Dominick Ali, Chemistry Faculty, Wake Technical Community College
  • Dr. Christine Daniels, Postdoctoral Scholar, Duke University's Human Vaccine Institute
  • Al Leaston, Director, Network Management Program, Wake Technical Community College
  • Josh Marek, Research Technician, Duke University's Human Vaccine Institute


Entrepreneurship 101 

Thursday, November 12th at 12:30 p.m.

Thinking of starting a business? This session highlights the different ways Wake Tech can support your small business and entrepreneur efforts. Hear from Wake Tech’s Small Business Center and Center for Entrepreneurship to learn about the many resources available.

Featured Presenters:

  • Katie Gailes – Director, Entrepreneurship Initiatives
  • Cherith Roberson – Director, Small Business Center

From Mind FULL to Mindfullness in Career Decision Making

Mindfulness is at the core of ultimate career success! Gain insight into simple yet effective strategies to enable you to gain control of thoughts and behaviors and redirect them in productive ways to enhance your career decision-making.

Featured Wake Tech Presenters Include:

  • Gillian Norton, Psychology Faculty
  • Dr. Jerry Nuesell, College Ombuds
  • Eleanor Miles, Associate Professor/Center Coordinator, ILC Writing and Study Center

Disability Employment Awareness Panel

In recognition of Disability Employment Awareness, gain insight on building accessible and inclusive workplaces!

Featured Panelists Include:

  • John Samuel, Co-founder/CEO, Ablr 360, LC Industries
  • Cheryl Cloyd, Employee Relations Manager, Coastal Credit Union
  • Kurt Merriweather, Strategist/Developer, The Diversity Movement
  • Katie Uher, Program Manager, SAS

The Art of Storytelling in Networking and Interviewing

Storytelling is the single most powerful tool in the job seeker’s toolkit. Gain tips on how to stand out from the crowd. Bring your story to life to get the career you want!

Featured Panelists Include:

  • Sandra Dubose, Entrepreneur & Entertainer/Event Coordinator, Wake Tech
  • Moses Alexander Greene, Entrepreneur/Director, Performing Arts & Film, NC Museum of Art
  • Bryan Ruefner, Communication Faculty, Wake Tech
  • Larry Tucker, Career Development Coach, Wake Tech
  • Marsha McCoy, Communication Faculty, Wake Tech

Empowered Women of Wake Tech: Minority Women Making Change

Thursday, October 15 from 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Career and Employment Resources presents Women are challenging the norms and pushing boundaries while blazing a path of excellence. Hear stories of initiative, perseverance, and resilience from several distinguished women of Wake Tech.

Panelists include:

  • Jacinta Almond, Director of Academic Advising
  • Katie Gailes, Director, Entrepreneurship Initiatives
  • Kela Farmer, Office of Volunteerism Coordinator
  • Michelle Blackmon, Fostering Bright Futures Program Coordinator

Recording of Career Spotlight: Mental Wellness Professionals

Tuesday, October 13th at 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Do you have a passion for helping others? Are you interested in a career that makes a difference? Do you need insights into the different career options in the field of human services? If so, join us as we engage in conversation with mental wellness professionals from various backgrounds.

Our featured panelists include:

  • Amanda Allen, M.Ed., NCC, LCMHCA - Wellness Counselor at Wake Tech Community College
  • Ashley Bailey, MS, CRC, LCMHCA - Counselor at North Carolina Central University
  • Thu Washington, LCMHCS, NCC - Senior Consultant at Washington and Company
  • Lyndon Robinson, Ed.D., LCMHC - Counselor in Charge at North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Service

Cultivating Creative Careers

Monday, September 14th at 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm

Do you want a career that embraces your creative talents? Do you need inspiration to ignite your creative potential? If so, please join us as we engage in conversation with local artists from various artistic industries.

Our featured panelists include:

  • Sandra Dubose- Award-winning National Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Coach, Author, Multi-talented Performing Artist and Event Coordinator at Wake Technical Community College
  • Ellen Edwards Long- Successful Entrepreneur, Educator, and Business owner of Jewels by Elan
  • Troy McNish- Accomplished Content Creator, Filmmaker, Photographer, Videographer, and Live Events Coordinator at Red Hat

This event will include topics such as: 

  • Careers options within the art industry.  
  • The impact and value of embracing your creative skill set. 
  • Tips for creative entrepreneurs striving to launch a career. 

A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace in Action is the “The New Normal”

Tuesday, June 9 from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Panelists: Red Hat professionals

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in an environment where you are accepted for your uniqueness and individuality? Organizations today recognize the importance of cultivating an inclusive workplace and the value of diverse teams. Unleashing the power of a diverse team.

Panelists will engage in discussion on topics such as:

  • Creating transformational change 
  • Promoting connectivity and a spirit of belonging

Acing the Virtual Interview

Wednesday, June 10 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Hosted by The Environmental Protection Agency

Many employers are now opting for virtual interviews. While the questions may be similar, a virtual interview consists of numerous differences that require thought and preparation.

Panelists will engage in topics such as:

  • Differences from both a recruiter and candidate perspective.
  • Effectively utilizing space and technology.
  • Steps to ensure success and pitfalls to avoid.


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Creating a Resume and Digital Brand that Makes an Impact

Wednesday, June 10 from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Hosted by Cisco

Recruitment professionals will discuss how to make your resume stand out! From the format to the content, they will enlighten you on strategies to get you in the door and impact your chances of getting hired for the job you want! You’ll also learn various methods to build and market your digital footprint.

Building and Maintaining Connections in a Virtual World

Thursday, June 11 from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Hosted by SAS

No networking events currently on your schedule? No worries! The great news is that you can continue to build relationships and access business opportunities right now. This webinar will offer ways to assist you in thinking creatively about how best to manage your career planning in the current situation. Gain ideas for making meaningful professional connections and expanding your network.