What Is Academic Advising?

Academic advising is an interactive process between you, the student, and your advisor. You share information about your interests, skills, and abilities so that your advisor can help you set academic goals and develop an education plan for reaching those goals. Academic advising is one of the most critical components of student success.

  • Academic Success Counseling
    Academic Advisors assist you in identifying, planning, and achieving your academic goals. By facilitating the development of skills, attitudes, discipline, and understanding, advisors help to ensure your progress toward the completion of your coursework and your program of study. Wake Tech is committed to student success, providing academic success workshops and individual counseling sessions to help you develop a customized action plan for future success.
  • Starfish® EARLY ALERT
    This support system helps ensure your success at Wake Tech. You may receive Starfish emails from your instructors throughout the semester, about your grades, class participation, or academic performance. Your instructors may also request a meeting with you or recommend that you meet with your Academic Advisor, visit the ILC, or try different study strategies. Instructors also send “kudos” to congratulate students on achievements! Pay attention to these important messages and your instructors’ suggestions and recommendations.  Starfish® flags and kudos are notifications; they do not indicate grades and are not permanent records.
  • First Year Experience (FYE)
    Wake Tech’s FYE supports new students who have tested into two developmental courses (ex. DRE, DMA). Each FYE student is assigned an Academic Advisor who helps them create a personal roadmap to graduation and success based on needs, interests, and goals.  
  • Academic Advising Mission, Vision, & Goals