RISE English (ENG) and Math (MAT)

What do ENG and MAT section numbers ending with “G” mean?

Those sections, for example, ENG-011-0001G AND ENG-111-0001G, are for students who are required to take both ENG-011 and ENG-111, as per the new placement policy, RISE. It is the same for the MAT classes listed below.

How do I know if I need a “G” section?

The new placement policy, RISE, determines whether you need to take both the corequisite and the course. You can also contact an advisor.

How do I register for the “G” section?

If you must take corequisites, you must register for the pair of courses. Section numbers end with “G”, but they will not necessarily match. Add the corequisite first, and the corresponding course (ENG-111 or MAT courses listed below) will be added automatically. Students who are required to take both must remain enrolled in both courses.

Why am I getting an error when I try to register for ENG-111 or MAT?


    If you are not required to take your English or math course with a corequisite then you will get an error message if you try to sign up for a section number ending with “G”. You should choose a section that does not end in “G”. If you want to opt into a corequisite section for the extra support, you can contact David Cooper for help. If you register for both then you must remain in both for the semester.

    These are the pairs of courses:

    • ENG-011 (corequisite) and ENG-111
    • MAT-010 (corequisite) and MAT-110
    • MAT-021 (corequisite) and MAT-121
    • MAT-043 (corequisite) and MAT-143
    • MAT-052 (corequisite) and MAT-152
    • MAT-071 (corequisite) and MAT-171