Frequently Asked Questions

What are developmental courses?

Developmental courses are preparatory courses taken before college-level courses. They are designed to strengthen and prepare students for college-level coursework by helping them develop the reading, English, and math skills required for entry into academic programs. Developmental courses can be identified in the college catalog by their course numbers, which are below 100; college-level courses are numbered at 100 or above.

Who needs to take developmental courses?

Students are placed in developmental courses according to their high school GPA if graduation was in the last 10 years. If graduation was outside of 10 years, students may be required to take the RISE Placement Test, if no other exemptions are met.

Do developmental courses count for course load?

Yes. Credit hours in developmental courses are calculated in the student’s overall course load for such purposes as determining full-time or part-time status and meeting financial aid standards.

Do developmental courses count toward graduation?

No. Credit hours earned in developmental courses are not included in the tabulation of total credit hours required for graduation. They are the foundation upon which the student later builds college-level course credits.

What is the purpose of the First-Year Experience program?

This program is designed to provide extra support and resources for new students who need two development courses. The goal is to create a smooth and successful first-year experience that will provide a strong foundation for success. We want each new student to become a graduate!

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Dedicated Counselor: You will have easy access to a Success Counselor who is committed to your success.
  • Connection: With your Success Counselor’s guidance, you will be able to connect with important campus personnel and take advantage of available resources.

Can I complete the online Orientation instead of going to the seated Orientation?

Students in the FYE program are required to attend the seated orientation. After you attend the seated orientation you will be given access to sign up for classes.

What events or workshops can I attend?

Wake Tech offers a wide selection of events and workshops throughout the semester. Visit to find out more. You may also get suggestions from your Success Counselor on which events or workshops will be most beneficial for you.

What will happen if I don’t complete all the requirements for the program?

If you do not meet the program requirements, an academic hold will be placed on your student account, preventing you from signing up for classes. The hold may keep you from getting the classes and schedule you want for next semester.

The program is designed to ensure your academic success. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting the program requirements, please let your Success Counselor know.

How can I set up an appointment with my Success Counselor?

You may contact your Success Counselor by phone or email to set up an appointment.