First Year Experience (FYE) Requirements

1. Attend New Student Orientation and register for classes. You are required to attend a seated (in-person) New Student Orientation session, where you’ll make important connections and learn about the many resources available to help you meet your goals. 

2. Enroll in ACA 090. You are required to enroll in ACA 090, a course designed to help first-semester students make the transition to college. You’ll learn about important decisions that must be made in your first semester and others that will shape your academic career at Wake Tech. 

3. Meet with an Academic Advisor at least twice during the semester.  You are required to meet with your assigned advisor to discuss your goals and plan your schedule at least twice before registering for your second semester.

4. Attend one event or workshop sponsored by Wake Tech and complete a reflection assignment. You are required to attend one Wake Tech-sponsored workshop or event and complete a reflection assignment. Students who are more involved on campus perform better academically and enjoy their college experience more – and at Wake Tech, opportunities for involvement are everywhere!   

NOTE: You will not be able to register for first semester courses without attending the mandatory New Student Orientation. You will not be able to register for courses the following semester until you have completed the program requirements.