Algebra MOOC FAQs

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Do I have to be a Wake Tech student to take the IAR MOOC?

No. Anyone around the world with an internet connection will be able to take the IAR MOOC. The course is available as open enrollment.

Do I need a transcript to enroll?

No. You will not need a transcript to enroll in the IAR MOOC.

How will the Wake Tech Testing Center know that I completed the IAR MOOC?

Print the certificate of completion after taking the final exam, and provide it to the Wake Tech Testing Center.

How do I test out of pre-curriculum math if I’ve already taken the diagnostic math test?

You can take the IAR MOOC course online. Enroll using the Udacity website (enrollment begins in April, the course begins May 1, 2013), complete the course, take the final exam and print the certificate of completion. You will be allowed to retest at Wake Tech at no charge.

Is there homework with the MOOC course?

There is no traditional homework with the IAR MOOC, but students will take interactive quizzes and complete practice exercises while participating in the online course.

What happens if I do not finish the IAR MOOC?

There is no penalty for not completing the IAR MOOC. However, if you wish to retest for math placement at Wake Tech, you must provide evidence of completion through the Udacity certificate. Upon completion of the MOOC, print the certificate of completion if you want to retake the diagnostic math test at Wake Tech at no charge.

What type of computer do I need to take the MOOC course?

You will not need a special computer or any additional software to take the IAR MOOC, only a working internet connection with web browsers.

What will it cost to enroll in the IAR MOOC?

There is no cost to enroll in the IAR MOOC course.

Where do I enroll in the course?

Udacity’s website will host Wake Tech’s IAR MOOC.  

Where do I find Wake Tech’s MOOC?

Visit Udacity's website for Introductory Algebra Review.

Will I earn credit for taking the IAR MOOC?

No. The Introductory Algebra Review (IAR) MOOC will not count towards a degree at Wake Tech. The IAR MOOC will be a self-paced, online course intended to assist students preparing for the math diagnostic placement exam or for students who are enrolled in an Introductory Algebra course. .