MOOC Catalog

College Strong

CollegeStrong is college preparation and success MOOC.  The self-paced course offers opportunities for students to actively explore the scholastic, personal, and economic expectations of a college/university student that leads to earning a college or university credential - a certificate, diploma, or degree. The course explores: 1) College expectations, 2) Career, major and college choices, 3) Time and financial commitments, and 4) Resources and strategies for succeeding in college.

Chemistry MOOC

Updated August 2021

The Wake Tech Chemistry MOOC provides WTCC students a route to review foundations of chemistry or to satisfy the CHM 090 prerequisite locally at WTCC through a proctored challenge exam that is available upon completion of the MOOC.  For more information, click on the Chemistry MOOC link, above.

The Chemistry MOOC provides a review of the basics necessary for success in entry-level college science courses. The course is divided into eleven sections: (1) Introduction to Science, Chemistry, and Measurement; (2) Matter and Energy; (3) Atomic History and Structure; (4) Molecular Compounds; (5) Ionic Compounds; (6) Chemical Equations and Describing Reactions; (7) Stoichiometry; (8) Aqueous Solutions; (9) Acids and Bases; (10) Gases; and (11) Basic Organic Chemistry, Functional Groups, and Intermolecular Forces. The Chemistry MOOC is online, self-paced, and awards no college credit for completion.

Preparing for College Math: A Review of Fundamentals

A Review of Fundamentals is a self-paced, rolling enrollment MOOC.  It includes a collection of video lessons intended to assist students with the necessary math and critical thinking skills they will need for college-level math courses.  Lessons include skill review and practice opportunities that cover the following: (1) operations with integers, (2) fractions and decimals, (3) proportions, rates, ratios, and percents, (4) linear expressions, equations, and inequalities, (5) graphs and equations of lines, and (6) polynomials and quadratic functions.  This course is completely online.  A completion certificate can be earned, but students will not receive college credit.

Mastering the Fundamentals of Reading and Writing

College students who need a little extra help with college-level reading and writing skills can now find it online. The Mastering the Fundamentals of Reading and Writing  MOOC offers reading and writing instruction in the form of interactive videos and practice as well as critical thinking and test-taking strategies. The MOOC is designed to improve students’ ability to read and think critically about new ideas as well as to help students express themselves clearly and effectively in writing. In addition, the MOOC covers strategies for conquering test-anxiety and taking different types of tests.