Pre-Curriculum Math

Pre-Curriculum Math provides students with the pre-requisite or co-requisite math skills required for success in a variety of curriculum courses, including math, science, culinary, and the trade courses, just to name a few.  Our math courses are broken into two categories:  pre-requisite and co-requisite.  Students needing the transition math course, MAT 003, are taking a one semester pre-requisite course that helps prepare students for their gateway level math course.

Students who are eligible to take their gateway level math course with a support class are taking a co-requisite course at the same time as their gateway level course.  The course pairings that are taken together are:

MAT 010 & MAT 110

MAT 021 & MAT 121

MAT 043 & MAT 143

MAT 052 & MAT 152

MAT 071 & MAT 171