Student Activities Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out about student events?

All events are posted on XTRA under the organization Student Activities. We also have SGA Twitter (@waketechsga) and Instagram (@waketechsga) accounts and post about our events and programs daily.

What is XTRA?

Wake Tech XTRA is a web-based organization management system and is the easiest way for students, faculty and staff to find out what's happening at Wake Tech.

  • Explore students clubs and organizations
  • Stay informed about activities and events
  • Find study groups and service projects
  • Plan your social calendar
  • Network with peers
  • Document volunteer hours, training and professional development

What does Student Activities do?

Student Activities at Wake Tech includes the Student Government Association (SGA) and its executive board, along with an extensive variety of programs, clubs and organizations designed to engage and inspire students. These groups offer valuable leadership experiences, connections to professional organizations, networking opportunities and special events that enrich students’ lives – during the college years and beyond. 

Examples of yearly events:

  • Welcome Week
  • Campus & Community Resource Fair
  • Wake Tech Remembers 9/11
  • Constitution Day
  • Facts & Snacks
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Fall Festival
  • MLK Day
  • Black History Month
  • Women's History Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Spring Fling

Where are the Student Activities offices located?

Staff are on two campuses:

How can I join a club?

Visit XTRA and log in to your student account. Look through the clubs to learn details about upcoming events and meetings, and then click on any clubs that interest you. Then, you can join or contact a club advisor with any questions.

How do I create a new club/organization?

All student organizations must be approved by the college through the Office of Student Activities.

Visit XTRA and fill out the Organization Registration form to create a new club or organization. Be sure to mark "Yes" that you are registering a new student organization.

The online application, including those from faculty or staff seeking to create a new organization, must include the following:

  • At least one faculty or staff advisor
  • The organization's purpose and mission
  • A list of proposed activities for the upcoming academic year
  • A proposed budget for the upcoming academic year
  • A constitution
  • Upload the names and emails of at least 10 potential members

The organization must receive approval before receiving any club funds or official recognition. This process may take two to four weeks.

NOTE: The Fall semester deadline to submit new club applications is October 1. The Spring semester deadline is  February 1.

How can I join SGA?

SGA hires officers in the Spring semester of each year. Join the portal "Clubs, Orgs & SGA" on XTRA, as applications will be posted in January for open positions. Also follow SGA on Instagram and Twitter (@waketechsga) for information about when applications are open.

Each curriculum student enrolled at Wake Tech is required to pay the Student Activities Fee; therefore, each person is a member of the SGA. All students are cordially invited – and strongly encouraged – to get involved with SGA. General business meetings are held the fourth week of every month and are a great place to let your voice be heard.

What are the different SGA positions?

  • SGA Executive Board – Lead the Wake Tech student community. As a team, you will work diligently with faculty, staff and students to improve and celebrate Wake Tech.
  • SGA Senator – Be a voice for students. Gather student comments, concerns and ideas and implement positive changes.

When and where are the SGA General Assembly meetings?

SGA General Assembly meetings are held at 2 p.m. the fourth week of every month. The SGA General Assembly includes all senators and Executive Board members, in addition to all club representatives and students. All students are welcome to attend the meetings. Check the SGA website for locations.

Missed a meeting? Meeting minutes are posted on XTRA in the Clubs, Organizations, & SGA portal under "Documents" at the bottom of the page (student login required).