Congratulations graduates!

Wake Tech's Fall graduation ceremonies are set for 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Saturday on Scott Northern Wake Campus. Family and friends unable to attend in person can watch the ceremonies live online.

Student Applied Benchmarking

Do you have an idea for improving your college or your community?

Participate in Student Applied Benchmarking (SAB) at Wake Tech. Become a change-maker, have an impact, engage in social entrepreneurship and develop 21st-century skills. You might even win a $1,000 scholarship!

SAB is the student component of Wake Tech’s Applied Benchmarking initiative for employees. Students identify a problem to solve or a process to improve, contact an expert to research best practices and create an innovative proposal for change.

A SAB project will include the following:

  • Identifying an issue you'd like to address or a problem you’d like to solve
  • Conducting research to find others who have successfully addressed or solved it
  • Contacting and interviewing individuals, other schools, businesses, etc., to learn about their methods
  • Developing a plan for implementing the idea or solution
  • Compiling information
  • Submitting your project

SAB process

  1. Review the student process (General Guidelines). Email [email protected] with any questions.
  2. Find a sponsor for your project. SAB projects require sponsorship by a Wake Tech faculty or staff member. You may contact any faculty or staff member you choose to be your sponsor or email [email protected] for a sponsor list and assistance in choosing one. Then, email [email protected] with the name of your project and your sponsor.
  3. Take part in the Student Applied Benchmarking course in Blackboard. Sign up for the course by emailing [email protected] and asking to be enrolled. The course contains a poster template and link for submitting projects. Submission deadlines can be found on the Blackboard course.