What is it?

The BRIDGES program (Building Refugee Initiatives to Develop Goals for Educational Success) is a partnership designed to support high school juniors or seniors who are either refugees or children of refugees in gaining a deeper understanding of the college entrance process while becoming more acquainted with the expectations of the college setting. 

How do we do it?

High school Juniors or Seniors will be paired with a Wake Tech Service Learning Mentor to engage in 10 hours of support and guidance to create a unique cross-cultural exchange. 

Wake Tech Service-Learning students who engage in this opportunity will enhance their skills in communication, leadership, and applicable classroom learning while building strong collaboration within the community.

How long does it last?

Student mentor pairs last for one semester. Students may decide to stay in contact with their mentor after the program is over, but that is not required. High School students will be contacted periodically after the program for continual encouragement and support.

How do I get involved or help someone else get involved?

Please complete one of the following forms to get involved:

I want more information
General Interest Form for BRIDGES program You may also email Traci Rowe: [email protected]
I am a Resettlement Agency, school counselor or community member who would like to refer a High School Student.
High School Referral Form
I am a Wake Tech Student who would like to participate:
Wake Tech Student Application
I am a High School Student or Parent who would like to participate:
High School Student or Parent Application

*The BRIDGES program was designed for Wake Tech by Kayte Thomas, MSW, LCSW, PhD student at Baylor University. It is a replicable model in other college settings. For more information on adopting this program on your campus please contact [email protected]