Alternative Spring Break


The mission of the Alternative Spring Break program is to provide students will a volunteer emersion trip that is affordable, available and accessible to all Wake Tech students. We aim to improve and enrich the lives of the participants by inspiring and empowering them to continue making a difference in our local community.

Through transformative action, education, and critical reflection, participants will address important social issues while travelling and exploring the culture and history of the area they serve. Participants will gain personal enrichment and lifelong skills that they will bring back to meet the needs of our local community.

Previous Trips


Spring Break 2016: Selma, A.L. -Wake Tech students visited Selma, a city that still has segregated schools, to help out children in the city schools to be a positive influence in their lives by playing with them and helping them in their classes. This was a service learning trip and included civil rights history, tours and trainings to learn how to make a positive impact on issues at home.  Students wrote about their experience on the daily blog.


Spring Break 2015: Washington D.C. -Wake Tech took 12 students to serve at several different community agencies that address the needs of those affected by hunger and homelessness. Students also had the opportunity to participate in the weekly YSOP dinner in which homeless guests are invited in to dine with volunteers.  Read about our experience on their daily blog.


Spring Break 2014: New York City, NY -Wake Tech students went into all the 5 burrows of NYC and volunteered at different homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food pantries.  Wake Tech’s group of 10 was split into two separate groups to maximize the impact. Volunteers kept a daily blog with updates of their experiences.

  Spring Break 2013: New Orleans, LA - Wake Tech students return to the lower ninth ward of New Orleans to help rebuild houses that are still not repaired from Hurricane Katrina.
  Spring Break 2012: New Orleans, LA -Wake Tech students went to the lower ninth ward of New Orleans, to help repair the extensive damage caused when levees broke during Hurricane Katrina.  The group partnered with the St. Bernard Project to help rebuild a resident’s home. Lodging was provided by Camp Restore, a renovated elementary school housing volunteers from across the country.