Travel Abroad Testimonials

Salzburg Summer 2019

I would consider myself an experienced traveler, but I was not expecting the Salzburg 2019 trip to be what it was – it’s the best trip that I have ever been on in my entire life! This trip far exceeded my expectations in that I made tons of great friends that I will continue to talk to, saw and took pictures and videos of countless amazing views, soaked up the wonderful sounds and sights of large cities and the beautiful countryside, and I got to explore Europe in a way I would never have imagined. With a willingness to go out of your comfort zone by meeting new people, trying to speak to the locals in German, exploring your surroundings, and trying new foods, this Study Abroad trip will transform a nice school trip into your Study Abroad trip that you will remember for the rest of your life. Jeff’s pictures on his Facebook page don’t do you any justice, you NEED to come and see what Europe looks like in real life. This was my first time in Europe, and Jeff and the other professors made it incredible! I want to personally thank Wake Tech, Salzburg College, Jeff, and professors Neal and Dixon-Forbes from the bottom of my heart because without them and their hard work, none of this could have happened and I would not have had this life-changing trip. 

- Alex Scarboro

Salzburg Summer 2019

This summer’s study abroad experience really opened my eyes to other cultures and traveling. When Jeff said it changes your life, it really does in so many ways. Being able to study abroad in such a beautiful country was by far the best life experience i have ever had. the pictures and videos he sends don't do it justice, everything you will experience is so amazing, and so beautiful - it truly is a perfect country. While you are there, take the time to soak up every single part of it because before you know it, you’ll be back on us soil and its so sad. I didn't know really anybody going into it, but I ended up making a group of friends who are some of my closest yet, we have a group chat and text everyday and all hangout all the time! Take tons of pictures, everything you want to remember, branch out of your comfort zone and try new foods (for me it was any dessert I could get my hands on), talk to locals- no seriously! it is so cool to talk to people and get to know people over there, and take any opportunity you have to do something really cool or something that we don't have. Austria is a country full of things to do and see and i wish i could have seen all of it. This experience really has changed my life and made me want to travel whenever I can; I'm going to Australia next summer with Jeff! Soak up and enjoy every last part of the trip, although 3 weeks seems like a long time to be gone, it goes way to fast. Next thing you know we’re waiting on the bus to take us to the airport to start the journey home ): I can’t thank Jeff enough for this experience and this opportunity and I cant wait till the day I get to go back!

- Maddy Hall

Salzburg Summer 2019

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the life-changing trip. I never imagined it would’ve gone so well. I’m really happy with how everything turned out, all the friends I made, all the experiences, everything. I didn’t get to say goodbye or even thank you at the airport but I just wanted to take the time now to do so. It’s so hard to wrap my head around everything that I learned and took back home with me. I’m excited to get back to life here and have a new found energy. Just thanks for everything. Hope we meet again, have a great summer!

- Luis

Dubai Tour with Wake Tech

If you want to take a trip and get emerged in the culture of the country, travel with Wake Technical Community College Travels.  Recently I took a trip with Wake Tech to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  This was a tour packed with a complete tour of the area.  The tour guide was very friendly and she shared a wealth of knowledge about the people and the tour areas that we visited.

We toured Sharjah landmarks including Blue Souk, Heritage Village, Corniche, American University, Sharjah Aquarium, the Museum of Islamic Civilization and the Sharjah Art Gallery.

We toured several Dubai landmarks including the Gold Souk, the Spice Souk, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab, the Madinat Souk, the Dubai Museum, and the Burj Khalifa.  Dubai is the architectural wonder of the world.  There are so many buildings with unique architectural designs that I never tired of marveling at them each time we passed them going into and out of the city.

The Dubai desert adventure was marvelous.  We rode over sand dunes, had camel rides, and feasted on a very good bar-be-cue dinner.  The visit to the Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi was interesting and showed us how the people adapted to desert living.  We also visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi which was a wonder to behold. 

We also visited the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum and the Camel Market in Al Ain.  Our tour guide made sure that we did not miss anything.  I am so happy that I took this tour.  It was educational and enjoyable.  I met some great people on this tour also.  I can’t wait for the next adventure with Wake Tech.

- Ernestine Ledbetter

The Ireland, Wales, and England trip was fabulous. I learned so much about the culture and economy of these countries as well as enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I enjoyed talking with the tour guides and residents of those countries. The trip was very well organized, and the educational experience was wonderful. I learned about the history of these countries and am more aware of their interactions with the USA. I also enjoyed getting to know the students on the trip as three of the students are in programs in our division. It was the experience of a lifetime.

- Paula

Thank you for this amazing trip! One I’ll never forget! I seriously had the greatest time and these past two days were wonderful just to spend them here in London. 

I’ll keep my eyes open to future trips! I hope we all have a reunion sometime. I’m going to miss everyone!  Safe travels. 

- Trisha 

I realize it's been a little while, but I just wanted you to know that I'm beyond grateful for having stumbled into one of your business classes a few years ago where you convinced me to study abroad in Austria. I never did give you that follow up write-up about my experience during the month we spent there.

I've bumped into so many students here in Wilmington in the past few years that have studied abroad that it's truly astonishing. The places that they traveled to were almost always different, but the one thing that stayed the same among the many different conversations I've had with them is that it had seemingly changed their life. It's so cliche. But it's cliche because it's true, and that's exactly what our trip to Austria did for me.

I remember explaining to Phoebe as we walked through the mountains around St. Wolfgang how I had always felt like a fish in a fishbowl inside of a house. The fish can see the world outside of his bowl, but he can't touch it, he can't feel it, and he can't experience it. That was me. I was tired of seeing all these places on television and in pictures that I hadn't ever experienced nor did I expect to ever experience. It was a tease.

When we first touched down in Germany and I looked around and realized that I didn't know what in the hell anyone was saying, it truly put a smile on my face. I couldn't believe it. I was truly out of my element for the first time, finally.

I really believe the trip is truly what got me through college. I was headed here to UNCW before we left without a clue what I would be majoring in. I really didn't feel passionate about anything. I did great in business classes, but I just never enjoyed sitting through them. After the trip, it was getting into crunch time to choose a major. I had looked and looked over the list prior to going on the trip and nothing stood out to me. When I got back that all changed. I looked over the list again and remarkably International Studies jumped off the page this time. Now, I didn't end up majoring in International Studies, but it brought me to a passion of mine that I had always had an interest in since I was young, though I never really considered getting a degree in it, that being political science. The two majors have similar curriculum's, so when I realized I had to take three classes in a foreign language for INT studies, it was a smooth transition into another major. No, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but it was something where I never felt like I was having to drag myself to class over and I never really grew tired of learning about. I think if I had done just about anything else I would have dropped out.

I was just looking at my screensaver after finishing and exiting out of what I assume will be the last paper I'll ever write in college, and its a picture I took while in Austria. It just made me reflect on my
past experiences and my life in general. Also makes me think about how scared to death I am about where in the world I'm going to go next, but at the same time, it's calming. Made me think of you, how you got under my skin, but also all the smiles you put on my face. We had a good time.

Just thought you ought to know how much the trip meant to me, because it was a great life experience, and I grew up a lot on that trip. And yeah, UNCW does have an impressive study abroad department, but Wake Tech blows their trips out of the water in terms of affordability.

- Nick Burton

If you have a chance to study abroad, DO IT. It will be one of the best, if not THE best thing you will ever do in your life. It’s a life-changing experience that you will never forget. You make lifelong friends and make memories that last forever all while having fun. You are completely immersed in a foreign culture where you find yourself naturally looking and valuing life from a different perspective that you have never seen before. The sights are breathtaking. It draws you in and you never want to leave. I encourage anyone and everyone to study abroad because it truly is AMAZING plus everything everyone else says AND more. Traveling opens your mind to a lifetime of adventure. It is a whole other world that everyone should be exposed to. There is so much to learn and see about the world - so make it happen and I promise you won’t regret it.

Thank you to the incredible teachers at Wake Tech and Salzburg College who worked hard to make my trip the most magnificent trip I’ve ever had! You are truly the best and it wouldn’t have been the same without you all.
- Aubrey Nagle

In March 2018, I went on my first Explorica trip, sponsored by Wake-Tech’s travel abroad program. Business Instructor Jeff Myers was our group leader for the trip. Jeff made sure we had everything we needed for the trip, was very organized and had a great attitude. When we arrived in Lima, Peru, we were greeted by our guide, Jessica. She did a great job of answering all of our questions and getting us to the hotel. From that point on we had a wonderful trip. The locations we visited included a cathedral in Lima, Incan cities including Machu Pichu and Cusco. This was a wonderful county, full of beauty and great people. Our guides were all excellent and had a vast knowledge of the Incan and Peruvian culture. As an outdoor enthusiast, I was highly satisfied with the wonderful hikes, which were moderate to a little strenuous in physical activity. As a history buff, there were amazing things to learn about Incan culture and how the Spanish influenced civilization, including its introduction of Catholicism and their desire for gold. Participants will be amazed at the uniqueness and sophistication of the cities of gold that were built 500 years ago by the indigenous people.
- Charles Powell, Wake Tech Accounting Instructor

The Salzburg Summer program has helped me, for giving me a eye opener to other cultures. Being from a small town in Virginia it just gave me more motivation to get out of my comfort zone and to try new things. The trip introduced me to some awesome people that I will never forget and still keep in touch. Me and a few planned another trip out of the country and some to L.A. Overall the trip was an experience I recommend everyone! Thanks to Jeff, Phoebe and the whole faculty at Salzburg college for everything.
- Justen Bethel

The Salzburg study abroad program was an amazing experience. I got to learn about a new culture while also learning about myself. I loved that I was able to study music in Mozart's birthplace. It made learning much more interactive. It was such a unique way to learn. I now have a desire to travel the world and experience new cultures. I love that this program allows community college students the opportunity to study abroad. I would encourage others to look into this program.
- Samantha Carey

As someone who likes to travel, I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to do so courtesy of the Salzburg Study Abroad program. Not only was I offered the chance to earn college credits, but I was also able to travel around one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and see things I otherwise never would have gotten to see. In collaboration with Wake Tech, the Salzburg College administration was welcoming and helpful, organizing a varied and exciting itinerary that took us from one end of Austria to another. Not a day passed where we didn't learn and see something new. If anyone were to ask, I would definitely recommend signing up for the program. It is absolutely worth it.
- Diana Skeffington

The three weeks I spent studying in Salzburg taught me more than any other college experience I’ve had so far. Living in another country taught me to appreciate other cultures, how to work with others, and how to adaptable. It pushed me in ways that college has never done before. This opportunity allowed me to put the focus on things that matter in life like friendship, experiences, and adventure rather than the little things that mattered back home. I’m so thankful I got to experience all of this as a young person. I will carry the friendships I developed and my experiences in Salzburg with me for the rest of my life. Thanks again for everything you did to make this trip happen. It was truly life-changing.
- Kyla Sanderson

Traveling abroad was something that was always on my bucket list, and Wake Tech helped make that happen for me. This experience was nothing short of amazing and helped me gain so much perspective. It was quite it but if work to get me there but it was more than worth it. The biggest thing that this experience taught me is to always be present in the moment. I fell in love with Salzburg in every way, from the history to the views. I recommended that if you are ever presented with this opportunity to take it and commit to every excursion. I will forever be grateful for Mr. Myers, Mr. Dixon and Dr. Neal, they did an excellent job making this trip amazing and memorable. Thank you for the opportunity!
- Jasmine Williams

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip, everything from the food to the architecture to the beautiful views. The traveling and the flights went smoothly. But the best part was the time I spent with other people.
- Patrick Rowe, Salzburg-2018

I had such an amazing time studying in Salzburg, Austria. I can say 100% that this experience has changed my life for the better. The Austrian culture has completely opened my eyes to not only their cultural differences but also their work mentality. Taking the Principals in management course with Professor Myers is something I believe everyone should experience, you not only learn the key aspects of the business world, but also many great things every person should know. I am so glad that I decided to go on this trip and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
- Garrett Caldwell, 2018

Hey Jeff this is Nicholas Apostolico, I wanted to say that all the work and role play from the study abroad trip for Business management were incredibly helpful, so much so that when I went to the NCSU Career fair I impressed and got far more attention from high-level interviewers like Volvo, BMW, John Deere and other major employers even though my GPA and credentials were less boosted than other students. They were very impressed with both questions and Especially Volvo with my knowledge of general areas and pre-prepared questions for them. I really wanted to say thanks for all the great things we learned on the trip that set me well ahead of other students! Thanks and have a great one!
- Nicholas Apostolic, Salzburg 2017

My travel abroad experience was life-changing. While in Austria, I lived and hung out with people that I may have never spoken to in the States. It was in Austria that I decided that it was OK to not be OK all of the time. I learned to trust life’s process. I now am motivated to work tirelessly towards all of my goals even when things begin to be unclear and confusing. Since Austria, life in the states has not changed but, my outlook and ways have. I now take the time to take my time, walking places within walking distance and appreciating the views along the way. I have the confidence to interview with anyone representing any company small or large. I was the only black kid traveling to a European country to study for three weeks. Before leaving, I felt unease, which I summed up to fear of the unknown. Even with the issues here in America, not every white eye sees me the same, I saw that in Austria. I now tell all of my black friends how important it is for them to gain experience like this one. I strain the importance of making it that a black student traveling abroad is not rare. Words cannot describe the feeling that comes across my body with just the thought of my Austria trip. Austria gave me the opportunity to grow and learn about the world and myself all in one. I feel like I can conquer the world and partly owe that to Austria, Professor Myers and my travel friends.
- Brandon Gilchrist, Salzburg 2016

Cuba was exactly what I thought it would be; a beautiful island rich with mountains, ocean, rivers, and music. It has the city life in Havana and the country life throughout. It was like walking back in time with the older cars, everyone actually sitting in a restaurant and speaking to one another without the use of smartphones. Our Explorica guide was a local resident who made us feel so welcomed in her country. It was an experience of a lifetime and I hope to go back again someday.
- Kathy McKinnley

"I kept hearing from everyone how much studying abroad in Salzburg was going to change my life, and while I believed them and knew it would, I was shocked by the things that had the biggest impact on me. The sounds, smells, and laughs I experienced in Austria will forever be a part of me and I can't wait to go back."
- Anna Grace Wyneken (William Peace University)

From a young age I was always fascinated with other countries and cultures. Cuba was especially interesting to me; the colors, the food, the people.... When I found out that Wake Tech offered a trip to Cuba I knew I had to go. From the moment I boarded the plane to my very last day there, I could not believe all that I got to experience. I got to see a Cuba that no picture, book or film could ever convey. The people of Cuba alone were the highlight of my trip. Despite its history of political unrest and revolutionary turmoil, the Cuban people are what I believe to be its truest identity. The pride the Cuban people have in their country and culture is incredibly contagious. Their warmth and hospitality created moments throughout the trip that were worth savoring. I felt so fortunate to experience Cuba in the vibrant and immersive way that I did on this trip.
- Catherine Smith

My experience in Salzburg will forever be one of my most favorite memories. The city of Salzburg is a magical place. Every morning I walked to school alongside a beautiful river with castles and snow-capped mountains in the distance. It was incredible and such a refreshing experience. On top of the beautiful surroundings and numerous excursions we took as a class through-out Austria I never thought I would gain so much from a class both personally and professionally. The class I took gave me real-world experience and gave me a new level of confidence as a business owner. When studying in another country, you have unique opportunities to form friendships with your fellow classmates. I was able to form new friendships that only made my time in Salzburg more amazing; friendships that I still have today. My time studying in Salzburg with Wake Tech was an invaluable experience that I will never forget.
- Catherine Smith

In going to Salzburg to take the Business Management Course, I had the idea that I would be learning business management in a cool place. That’s it. Much to my pleasant surprise, it was much MUCH more. This trip/class experience broadened my view of business management and the world. It brought me friendships and experiences I otherwise would not have. A big THANK YOU for that!!!…... We learned from the book but that was only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more under the surface of the book learning and that is the stuff that has stuck more solidly. Going out into the “world” of where we were, we also learned a broader view of other people's cultures and values. Our excursions taught us of their history and also WHO they are now. We heard testimonies of survival through real-life horrors, both past, and present. Knowing this now, will help in listening and interacting with anyone from ANY other culture, not only if from here in my country but especially from another in business and in our personal lives. In class, alongside the book learning, we role-played real-life business interactions, between employers-employees or HR-employees, in hiring or issues or even letting folks go for instance. These brought a real taste of what to expect in the workplace. The friendships and bonds created between my classmates and I breached age, gender, and walk of life. We bonded and interacted and even helped each other with issues we had going on in our lives. We learned to reach out and talk to others and to not stay only with our pack. We learned to use transportation in another country which will help us here. We learned we can trust ourselves to get what we need or get where we need to go and not be a robot waiting on the next instruction. I am forever grateful for getting to take a travel abroad course. Not only has it opened my eyes to possible further travel abroad courses but DEFINITELY traveling abroad in general. The world is truly a big place and I better get cracking.
- TTFN Cathy

Cuba was a trip of a lifetime. The tour was very well organized. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and personable. I left Cuba with an appreciation of their rich culture filled with music and sense of community. The farms, schools, and senior centers we visited demonstrated their camaraderie and positive energy which sometimes is lacking in America. Now that I have seen Cuba highlights, I would love to visit one of their loveliest beaches and put my feet in the sand with a drink in my hand! I look forward to any future trips to this beautiful country.
Muchas Gracias!
- Marcella

Salzburg opened my eyes to the world. I've never experienced anything like the moments I had in Austria. Studying abroad gave me confidence, I figured out the direction I want to take my life. The excursions were all important in their own way and all helped me develop myself as a young professional. The business class gives you real-world experience that you just won't get in any other classroom I can guarantee that. The experiences in Austria that are part of the trip are nothing short of incredible. I met refugees, a Holocaust survivor, and even Master's degree candidates from a local university. I climbed mountains, I saw live performances, I learned about business and culture, but most importantly I lived. If someone has any hint that they want to travel I fully encourage those individuals and everyone to make plans and travel.
- Carl Cory

Jeff told us all that this trip was the opportunity of a lifetime. He mentioned more than once that our experience in Salzburg would be life-changing. At first I thought he was exaggerating a little bit, as Jeff is want to do, but as it turns it he was right on the money. My time in Salzburg was worth every penny I spent and much more. The skills and confidence I gained on that trip are invaluable to me.
- Jonathan Craichy-Salzburg 2016

As a biologist, I jumped at the chance to travel to Nicaragua and Costa Rica, primarily because of the prospect of observing numerous exotic species in their natural habitats. Yet this proved to be just one thing in many that made this a most delightful journey! I was impressed with Explorica’s itinerary, which included an array of different types of planned activities, but also free time for travelers to explore personal interests in the local surroundings. We never went hungry, and there was always something to do, to see, and to experience. Foreign travel has taught me that although you can never do everything; there is always more than enough to do. Our tour guide, Raquel, was an absolute gem, and I can’t imagine ever visiting this area again without her! Energetic, knowledgeable, and personal, Raquel—a citizen of both countries—made everyone feel comfortable. As she led and introduced us to the two countries, she animated each activity by sharing insights from different angles tailored to the individual interests of our group whether historical, political, geological, biological, or cultural. Even impromptu activities such as school visits were incredible. I was awed by one Nicaraguan sixth grader’s three-minute-long recitation by heart of a poem by Rubén Darío, a Nicaraguan who happens to be the father of poetic modernism. Speaking of the Nicaraguans, it was wonderful, though humbling, to witness this proud, intelligent, industrious, yet happy people living on modest means. It’s true that travel changes us on many different levels. So accept my challenge to travel. And what better way to travel than via Explorica who, with Wake Tech, makes it so convenient and affordable. I plan on traveling again next year. Please join me!
-Dean Furbish

Over the years since my first trip with Explorica in 2012 I have become increasingly impressed with how they run their tours. A lot of people told me not to do a tour group because I wouldn't be able to have the freedom to go and see what I wanted when I wanted. I have to say though that they pick and choose the sights so well and everything runs so smoothly that I never once came back from one of their trips dissatisfied. That being said, this tour of Nicaragua and Costa Rica was by far the most impressive and fun-filled tour I have experienced so far. Raquel the tour guide was fantastic. I know it must be difficult running a tour with so many personalities but she made it possible without us missing a beat. What impressed me the most is how they mixed culture with fun. One minute we are zip lining and the next we are playing with school children and getting a glimpse of how they are educated. It was done so smoothly I never felt exhausted but rather energized and ready for more the whole trip. If Explorica keeps running tours like this and finding quality guides I don't see how any other company could survive next to them. Thank you Explorica for a wonderful time abroad.

-Billy Poole

Had I known in the mid 1970’s, when I was in college and asked by my geography professor to participate in an European travel abroad trip, that the experience was documented to add this kind of student success/personal value, I would have jumped all over it.

Now that this has been directly validated by my participation in the Wake Tech, Costa Rica/Nicaragua Trip, I kick myself for passing up a prior, similar opportunity.

IF you are passing on travel opportunities like this, I’m kicking you and you should be kicking yourself. It’s money well spent, that delivers a lifetime of personal benefits; short and long-term.
- Thomas S. McDonald

First off I thought the trip was amazing! I met so many new people and learned so much about 2 new cultures. Outside of meeting these great people, I think one of the highlights of my trip was the ability to see a live and active volcano. It was completely mesmerizing, despite the fact that we could have died at any moment... The zip lining tour was also really fun! This trip was my first out of the country and I enjoyed it so much that I can't wait to travel again! The stark differences between the US and Costa Rica/Nicaragua really opened my eyes and made me come to appreciate simple things like plumbing and air conditioning, but it also displayed a level of happiness by the people, that despite the fact they had nothing, they were content and happy with their place in life.

Raquel was great as a tour guide. She was very friendly to all of us and she really helped make that trip awesome from how much, you could tell, she loved both her country and her job. The boat tour, for instance, would have been quite boring to me as I have seen a lot of the similar wildlife on an Everglades boat tour albeit without such a great backdrop like the mountains, but from her excitement and enthusiasm, the tour was much more entertaining! She truly cared for each of us and wanted us to not only enjoy ourselves but learn all that we could. If given the option to select her again I would in a heartbeat!

The only downside I found on this trip, minimally, was that we were not given a very long free time in accordance to nightlife. It was truly enjoyable to hang out and relax with the group members after a hard day's walk/heat, while also exploring the city(s) that we would most normally never go to. For us to have to then wake up at 6, 7, 8 am every day without at least one time to have a free day the following day, I felt was a disservice in being able to allow others to explore to their heart's content.

Overall, I really enjoyed this trip and it has helped me realize that there is so much more outside of the US and I can't wait to explore the rest of the world, either via the Travel Abroad Group (if scheduling works) or with my friends both from this trip as well as others who did not go.

Thanks for all the hard work you put towards the success of this trip as it really turned out fantastic!
- Grant Smith

If I had to sum up my trip to Salzburg, Austria in one word it would be life-changing. While I was in Salzburg I was able to experience things that no one in my family has ever been fortunate enough to experience. I made close bonds with everyone that was in the class with me including our professor, Mr. Meyers. I think the timing of the trip was absolutely perfect, 21 days made it just enough so you could grasp the culture and be fully emerged in it but not too long to the point that you became homesick. I loved meeting new people every day whether that was in the hostile or just on the street. I think Mr. Meyers was an excellent guide and couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to lead us on our journey. Because of this experience, I am already I am already planning another trip to Europe. I paid for a class in business management but ended up getting so much more!
- Caleb Dickerson

Salzburg is a place that felt like home upon arrival. The movement of life there feels balanced. That is the only way I can describe it. I immediately fell head over heels in love with its fairytale-like scenery. There are two sections to the city divided by the Salzach river, New Town and Old Town. On the Old Town side, you can see the Hohensalzburg fortress which you could see from my room! I loved hearing the church bells as I was walking through New Town, as well as walking along the river to the nearest Biergarten or coffee shop. It is a truly inexplicable experience that I will never forget!
- Iliana Zamora

It is hard to put into words the experiences I personally gained from traveling abroad in Salzburg. The program itself is full of extravagant excursions to many of the places people dream of seeing. While there, we saw breathtaking views of the mountainous and lake regions surrounding the city of Salzburg, as well as, discovering the rich, vivid history that the city itself had to offer. Not only does the Salzburg program offer exceptional views and rich history; one will also learn lots about themselves while embarking on this life-altering study abroad experience. All-in-all, the Salzburg trip will open your eyes to the diverse world we live in, and after your travels, you will return with a completely different perspective on everything that the world has to offer.
- Chad Bates

Gayle and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Cuba on July 25. It was a most unusual trip as we experienced a very different culture than anywhere else we have traveled. To be in one of the few communist countries left in the world was extremely interesting. Cuba is a beautiful island country rich in culture and history.

The trip was filled with a wide variety of places of interest where we were able to interact with the local people who were very friendly and openly answered many questions we had for them about their lives in this rather poor country.

The trip was well planned and our Cuban guide (George) was amazing. He is extremely well educated and a wonderful historian who gave us an in-depth commentary about each place we visited. We were well cared for by Jeff Myers who organized the trip. He handled all the little details of the trip and worked with our tour guide to make sure everyone had a wonderful trip.

There is so much to learn about Cuba that I feel we only scratched the surface on this 8-day trip. I would love to go back to Cuba and would recommend this Explorica trip to anyone.
- Richard Myers

Going to Cuba was always a dream of mine. I knew growing up those chances of me getting to see the country my family descended from were slim to none. I heard about the Wake Tech trip accidentally. Like most students, I don’t check my student email much during breaks and vacation times, so I missed the email about the Cuba tour. One of my friends called me and told me that she wanted to go and she wanted me to try and make the trip, too. At first, the thought of leaving the country was so foreign. I didn’t have a passport, I never even left the east coast of the United States… there was no way I was really going to go to Cuba.

After about a week of daydreaming about the trip, I reached out to family and friends for donations and support so that I could afford the very expensive, near four thousand dollar trip. I knew I’d have to pick up extra shifts at work and even then I wasn’t sure I’d have the money by the deadline. My aunt, who lives in Florida, (also Cuban but hasn’t visited the country either), texted me and asked for some information about the trip. After sending her the Explorica information, she texted me back and said she would pay for the entire trip. At that point, I was shocked. This dream of going to Cuba might finally be a reality. I went back in forth with different scenarios of my passport not coming on time, the trip getting canceled, and even getting stuck in customs because it felt too good to be true.

Long story short, I made it to Havana. I cannot begin to explain the wave of emotion that came over me when I saw Cuba for the first time on the plane. I can’t put into words the feeling I got when I walked outside of the airport and saw the waves of people behind the gates waiting for their relatives. It still puts me in a weird mindset, like I didn’t spend enough time there.

The trip was amazing. The hotel was beautiful, our tour guide made me feel right at home, and our bus driver all made this experience more than I ever imagined. I still feel a lot of emotion from this trip and I feel that it made me a better person. I can now appreciate what I have here in America. I can say that I’m Cuban with pride and dignity. I am from a beautiful country and I wish I could be there again. It was the most surreal experience of my life. I got to experience my culture in the closest way possible; I danced with locals, ate Cuban sandwiches from a tent by the market (they don’t taste nearly as good as the ones in the U.S., unfortunately) and got to see all the beauty and chaos that is Cuba.

I will never forget this trip, and I am so grateful to Wake Tech for not dismissing Cuba, and for making this possible for me. I hope to visit again, soon.
- Jasmine Travieso

I went with the Group on Jeff's Cuba Trip and just want to share my thoughts and observations about it with you. Overall it was a huge success! I was thou roughly pleased because it turned out to be even more than I expected. It wasn't just "another tourist trip," but it truly was an educational experience. We learned about the history of Cuba through the Revolution and how the country and its people are functioning today. Every scheduled event helped round out this understanding. The opportunity to get out of Havana and into the country only added a further depth of experience. Jeff managed every aspect well. Explorica did a great job with logistics. Jorge was an excellent tour guide with a remarkable depth of knowledge he was willing to share about his country. Our hotel was quite acceptable (even considering the inconvenience of one day when they a were dealing with a plumbing issue). The quality and variety of food were excellent and the choice of restaurants out of the hotel was always a treat. We really learned about Cuba by experiencing it and having the opportunity to talk with Cubans face-to-face. There was flexibility to even go to several places which were not on the itinerary. The bottom-line is that Jeff did a great job organizing this trip! I really value and respect all he did to bring an opportunity to a few Americans to go to a country the vast majority of Americans will never have an opportunity to visit, let alone learn about. I am very privileged in that he told me about it and let me join the group. Make sure Jeff keeps me on the mailing list for future trips!
- Bernie

Our week-long Cuba trip organized by Wake Tech Community College and led by Jeff Myers was both a wonderful experience and a great example of educational travel. It was an interesting and diversified introduction to a beautiful country of keen interest. We visited a wide variety of sites and places--neighborhood training and daycare projects, an organic farm, an English-language bookstore, dancing and drama schools and even got to travel outside of Havana twice, to a scenic area where we enjoyed a traditional meal and to a tourism village. Everywhere we went we had a chance to hear a briefing about the project and ask questions. We also enjoyed great local music everywhere and a dance performance at the Nacional Hotel. And our guide Jorge was very well-informed and personable. I'm ready to go back!
- Bethany Singer

Going to Qatar was not only educational but inspirational. A once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. Learning about the culture and personal life of the people was eye-opening. It was everything imagined and more. I may never find myself on that soil but the memories will be with me always.
- Jade

"It's the experience of a lifetime" or "I'm so jealous of you" is all I heard since I decided to go on the trip in January up until the day I left. It wasn't that I didn't believe them, I just didn't know what to expect. Now that I'm home again I couldn't agree with everyone more. Qatar was the experience of a lifetime and they all should be jealous of me that I went. The things I did and the cultures I experienced changed me in the tiniest ways that collectively started to change me as a person. I couldn't help but to think to myself "These girls- have loving parents like me, go to college like me, and have a smartphone like me- and yet, their lifestyle is so much different than mine. Why is that?" It's because there are more cultures and lifestyles around the world that I know nothing about. Sure I can read about them in a book, but will that change me like visiting the actual country will? I doubt it. So here I am staring at my friends and family. And they're all begging me to tell them about my trip and the great time I told them I had. A part of me gets excited to tell them. I want to show them photos and tell them of my experiences. But another part of me is saddened. I'm sad because I feel like it does them no justice to just tell them about my trip. It feels wrong that they can't experience what I did. So my advise to fellow students: Explore the world while you can! Explore before life and obligations get in the way. I promise you, the number of reasons you come up with NOT to go, is small compared to the reasons why you SHOULD go.
- Samantha

Europe, still on my mind. After being back home in the US for a week and two days, I feel like I just go back yesterday and I can’t get Europe out of my head. The Europe trip was a wonderful experience and left me with so many memories that I will never forget. Each city we visited had its own beauty, history and culture. I especially enjoyed the hustle, bustle, multicultural lifestyle in London; it reminded me a lot of New York City (the Big Apple). Of course it was the only city we visited where I spoke the language of the people, which may have added to my delight with it. The energy there and the excitement of the lifestyle was appealing to me. Paris was rich in art, history and sites to see and visit; it was also very quaint. I loved the French pastries and other food they offered. The Parisian people did not seem as friendly to me, perhaps because I did not speak French to them. I’ll never forget the Louvre visit, there was so much beautiful art to see, nor the trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, it was amazing. I truly enjoyed everything about Bern and Lucerne Switzerland. The friendliness of people at the Hotel we stayed, the Swiss cheese and bread, the Swiss chocolate and the amazing trip up to the top of the Swiss Alps. What a site to see and experience; something that I’ll never forget and it is very difficult to explain how exhilarating it was going up to the top of Mt. Pilatus. Of course, who can ever forget the pleasure of a trip to Germany especially Munich? The castle visit was breathtaking in every respect. Just trying to reach the top was enough to take your breath away. It was spectacular and well worth the heavy breathing and tired legs.

It was a pleasure to travel with the group and everyone, for the most part, seemed to enjoy themselves and each other. The chemistry was good. I will forever have memories of the time I spent in Europe and look forward to returning in the very near future. My take away would be that I can cross this off my bucket list and it was a great life experience, one that I’m so happy I had a chance to participate in. Also, I’m happy that I now have a perspective of European culture and can appreciate the European people that I meet going forward. I’ve been looking at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on television and can recognize some of the places they show during the celebration for her. I will begin reliving the trip as soon as I take time to edit my pictures (memories nothing like them). Thank you, Jeff, Tom, and Denise you guys did a good job and I look forward to traveling with you again so keep me on your mailing list.
- Samera

After completing my European trip with Wake Tech I now feel like a changed person. Not only do I view the world differently, but I am also viewing my life differently as well. The biggest thing I felt that I have learned from this trip is that the world really doesn’t just revolve around the United States. There is so much more to see out there and I still have not even seen half of it. During the trip, I got the opportunity to visit 7 different countries and a variety of cities within them and each country was different in its own way. Whether it was a language barrier, cultural difference, or scenery change I now look at things in a whole fashion. Not only did I learn something during the trip, but I also got the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. I’d like to say it was definitely the best investment of my life and helped me make memories that will last a lifetime.
- James Feely

This was such an awesome trip! The history, culture, and the overall experience will not be forgotten. I have a much greater appreciation for architecture, language, and history. Hence, I am an improved person as a result. Additionally, I am confident that many others that I know will seize the same or similar opportunity. Jeff and Tom, I am grateful for the role you played in orchestrating such a pronounced experience!
- Trina King