How to Sign Up

How to SIGN up for a Travel Abroad Trip 

  1. Go to the Upcoming Trips on the left hand tab of the Travel Abroad website. 
  2. Select your destination of your choice (we have a lot this year!). Open the informational flyer to review the trip overview.   
  3. Call Explorica Customer Service at 1-888-310-7121. This number can also be found at the bottom of the informational flyer. To reserve a seat and freeze the trip price, a $99 registration fee (payable by Credit Card) will be required. 
  4. Customer Service will ask you verify trip information found in the flyer; they will ask about the date of the tour, the tour leaders, the school, and the Trip Code (e.g. "Asfari-2015").
  5. Explorica is flexible with the payment plans, and will offer an automatic or manual payment plan. I suggest dividing the payments into a monthly payment plan. 

Any Questions, contact Jeff Myers at 919-795-9264.