How to Sign Up for Travel Abroad

  1. Go to the Upcoming Trips link in the menu to the left.
  2. Select your destination, and open the informational flier to review the trip overview.   
  3. Call Explorica customer service at 888-310-7121. This number can also be found at the bottom of the informational flier. To reserve a seat and freeze the trip price, a $99 registration fee (payable by credit card) will be required. 
  4. Explorica will ask you to verify trip information found in the flier, such as the date of the tour, the tour leaders, the school and the Trip Code (e.g. "Asfari-2015").
  5. Explorica is flexible with the payment plans and will offer an automatic or manual payment plan. A monthly payment plan is suggested.

Questions? Call Jeff Myers at 919-795-9264.     

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