Jeff MyersJeff Myers

Assistant Professor/Study Abroad Coordinator
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Teaches Intro to Business, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Sales and Management
“I believe that traveling to another country gives you a perspective of who you are and where you ought to go in life more than anything else. I have been to 47 countries, including former East Germany and North Korea. My travel passion began in 1987 as a foreign exchange student in Salzburg, Austria, where I lived with an Austrian family. That experience gave me focus and motivation to travel the world. We live in one of 195 countries on this planet, and I believe you are a changed person once you have put yourself into another culture, even if just for nine or ten days.” 

Tom Beaman Tom Beaman

Professor, Anthropology
Teaches General Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, and World Prehistory
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The core concept of Anthropology is diversity, and nothing provides exposure to the diversity of humankind more than travel. When you travel, you have direct access to encounter different natural settings, historical sites, and cultural behaviors that you may have only read or heard about. As one who grew up in the tobacco fields of eastern North Carolina, I participated in my first Study Abroad programs as an undergraduate student, first in the British Isles and then Barbados. Spending a month studying in each location taught me many things, especially to quickly adapt to different cultural settings, to travel efficiently, to make the most of my time, and to learn to live in an area with different normal and acceptable behaviors than our own. Since I have been teaching Anthropology, I have organized and led Study Abroad tours through Ireland, England, France, and the Yucatan region of Mexico, and have many more planned for the future. For you, participation in such programs also looks terrific on a resume, as it shows potential employers that you are easily adaptable to changing conditions and can work with individuals and clients from different cultures. Equally as important, Study Abroad programs offered by Wake Tech will provide you with memories, experiences, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Denise BartonDenise H. Barton

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The greatest experience you can have is to live from a global viewpoint. Traveling to other countries allows you to touch, see, and feel how others live. Diversity is highlighted and expanded thought is created. Organizations are looking for leaders who can relate to people from all cultures, show respect for differences, and understand others’ viewpoints. These trips to a variety of countries add an unforgettable experience to your employment portfolio that global organizations will appreciate. They also allow you to fully develop your potential as an employee, citizen, and person. Please consider signing up for a trip with Wake Tech. It will change your life!

Dean FurbishDean Furbish

Associate Professor, Biology
[email protected]

Teaches Anatomy and Physiology I, II 

I have had the opportunity to travel to Russia on six separate occasions. The trips included humanitarian and educational themes, once with a group of community college students. Each trip presented many memorable moments still etched in my memory. One veritable highlight was meeting and personally visiting with two Russian poets I had been translating. One of the poets - Kamil Tangalychev - was since awarded Mordovian poet of the year. 

Owing to an almost unlimited number of sites of interest and a history spanning more than a millennium, it is impossible to run out of places to see and things to do in Russia. There are no dull moments. Even the things that Russians consider routine will be new adventures to the first-time visitor. Forget for a moment the memorable museums and architectural splendors you will no doubt experience on your tour. Buying bottled water at a kiosk, biting into a heavy slice of black-rye bread, negotiating the price of a souvenir with a sidewalk vendor, or riding a Moscow subway—will be novel experiences. Part of the allure of Russia is its charm. Russia was once described by Churchill as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” 

One of the perhaps unforeseen rewards of travel abroad is the possibility for lasting friendships that are forged. Not only do I have Russian friends that I met in Russia, but I have American friends whom I met traveling, beginning with my first trip to Russia. 

While it is certainly true that foreign travel enriches our understanding of other cultures, it also provides new perspectives of our own culture. Travel to another country—like the trips sponsored by Wake Tech—ranks at the top of the list of the most meaningful kinds of educational experiences one can have. Consequently, I strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to travel abroad to do so. It is truly a life-changing event.

DeMar NealDr. DeMar Austin Neal, IV

Instructor, Music
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Teaches Music Appreciation, Chorus 

Music is a fundamental aspect of every human culture on planet Earth. From the ancient Sumerian Empire to 21st-century America, we have created and used music as an integral means of expressing ourselves and connecting to one another. By virtue of my training and profession, I have had the pleasure and privilege of sharing music with others so far throughout the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Mexico, Norway, and Austria. I have also studied and performed for extended intervals in Excideuil, France, Berlin, Germany, and perhaps most importantly, Salzburg, Austria. These experiences were so crucial to the development not just of my artistic sensibilities, but also to my growth as an informed, empathetic citizen of the world. In the words of the famous Maria von Trapp: “Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.” To study music abroad in the very environments where composers like Mozart and Beethoven lived and worked will fundamentally transform your perception and experience of the world. I hope you’ll take the leap, discover the world through music, and in doing so, discover yourself!  

Forbes DixonJohn Dixon

Instructor, Economics
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Office phone: 919-532-5665

My favorite definition of “economics” is "the study of human action”. 

Part of that study is how humans are interdependent: No one is an island unto himself. Individuals, businesses, and entire civilizations are able to enjoy a diverse array of goods and services because of trade. Trade promotes interdependence and peace among people - people that historically may not even like each other very much! 

The beauty of economics is that it gives the student a new set of eyes from which to see the world. Students gain a better understanding of how they make decisions and the opportunity costs of those decisions. 

What better way to begin or continue this understanding than in another country? I am very excited to bring Principles of Macroeconomics to Wake Tech’s Study Abroad program and I look forward to growing my own understanding of the world along with my students.