WakeWorks® Apprenticeship Programs

Thank you for your interest in WakeWorks Apprenticeship. Course start dates vary depending on program pathway. All programs are subject to availability, and programs may be added or removed from WakeWorks Apprenticeship as needed.

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Apartment maintenance technician
Repair and perform maintenance on electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems and more.

Read blueprints and construct building frameworks, including walls, floors and door frames.

Learn essential skills to stabilize and safely transport patients in emergency and non-emergency situations.

Install and repair plumbing systems, including water pipes and drains, in residential and commercial buildings.

Automotive systems
Automotive service technicians are in high demand at dealerships and auto service centers across the Triangle.

Install and maintain electrical wiring systems across a variety of environments.

HVAC technician
Install and service air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment in residential and commercial settings.

Tower technician
Specialize in the installation, maintenance and repair of equipment on telecommunications towers.

WakeWorks® Apprenticeship also offers a mechatronics and robotics apprenticeship in partnership with Amazon. Visit Amazon for more information on this apprenticeship. You can also email the Amazon apprenticeship team for information.

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