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Wake Tech offers courses designed especially for adults 50 and over that can help you discover a new career, improve your job search skills, plan for retirement, or explore personal interests. 

At our Plus 50 events, you can sample courses and attend presentations from community experts on a wide variety of topics - small business counseling, long-term healthcare, retirement, beer brewing, flying commercial drones, and much more! Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming Plus 50 events. 

Check out these programs and resources:

Become an Entrepreneur

You may have dreamed of starting a business or turning hobbies or volunteer work into a money-making operation. Wake Tech's Small Business Center and Entrepreneurship Initiatives programs have resources to help get you started. Talk with an SBC advisor (live and in person!) in a free, confidential session, any time questions arise.

Launch Your Business

Retired to Re-hired!

Going back into the workforce can be daunting: You may wonder about your tech skills or generation gaps in the workplace - or you may be seeing a challenge you haven't identified yet. Wake Tech's Workforce Continuing Education division can help -- and the Career Transitions Forum is a great place to start. This unique, weekly series of lectures and networking activities brings professionals together to share ideas and experience in a supportive environment. 

Career Transitions Forum

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Income Tax Planning 101SEF-3001ER2
Learn about personal income tax returns, deductions, IRA contributions, tax-saving strategies, and more. This course is part of the Finance Academy series, for those who want to know more about investing, home buying, long-term care, and retirement.
Learning New Tricks: Seeking Employment as a Mature ProfessionalHRD-3006V2
Workers over 40 are a vital part of the workforce, bringing talent and experience to the workplace. This course gives mature professionals a better understanding of what today’s employers are looking for and how to be successful in finding employment. Find out which employer...
Lecture Presentation Series, Microsoft Windows 10CSP-4000EA2
This Lecture Presentation Series topic titled ‘Microsoft Windows 10’ will explain the announcement by Microsoft on their latest Operating System (OS). The PowerPoint presentation will cover the new enhancements being introduced, who is entitled to the free upgrade, and how...
Lewis & Clark: History CourseCSP-4000FR2
This course looks at the Corps of Discovery journey to the Pacific, its members, and the men who led the expedition. It also covers the backgrounds of these two leaders, who contributed to the character of the voyage, its aftermath, and the discoveries made.
Microsoft Computer Class 401CSP-4000DT2
This course is for knowledgeable users and system administrators. It explores Microsoft releases and versions and how they differ, computer file structure, advanced features dealing with security, and administrator tools. It also covers operational uses needed to maintain Mi...
N Carolina History and CultureCSP-4000IL3
Are you new to North Carolina – or perhaps just a bit rusty on what you learned about the “Land of the Longleaf Pine” in 4th grade? This course explores North Carolina and all that makes it a great place to visit, or to live! Learn about NC’s beautiful and exciting destinati...
NC History & The American Civil WarCSP-4000FJ2
Learn new aspects of our state’s history as it pertains to the American Civil War! The war was fought in North Carolina, from its prelude to Reconstruction, and it had a significant impact on the state. This course looks at both the military and the domestic challenges of th...
NC Inventions & Inventors: History CourseCSP-4000GB2
Learn about North Carolina’s many notable inventors and their inventions – including some “accidental” ones! This presentation will include inventions ranging from an improved tobacco curing process to Bucky balls.
North Carolina History and CultureCSP-4000DH2
Are you new to North Carolina? This state has it all, from beautiful beaches to magnificent mountains, and from small towns to vibrant cities. Learn what makes it a great place to visit and a great place to live! This course begins on Friday evening with a sampling of NC foo...
North Carolina History: Birthplace of PresidentsCSP-4000FS2
Learn more about North Carolina’s claim to being the birthplace of three American presidents: James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson, and Andrew Johnson. One pushed Manifest Destiny, another would preside over the nation’s wounds after the Civil War, and the third’s NC birthplace is...