In our current economy there is a growing need for energy efficient technologies. Increasing energy efficiency in residential and commercial structures—Green Building/Sustainable Technology— is quickly becoming a priority among private and public sectors. As a result, individuals knowledgeable in these fields are in increasing demand. Wake Tech offers several green technology courses that will prepare individuals to meet employment demands related to green construction. 

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Analyst for Home Safety and Energy SavingsEGY-4001A2
This introductory class will provide students with the necessary skills to audit existing homes for energy consumption and waste, detection of harmful gases emitted from heating sources, and recommendations for safe operations of heating, cooling, and other appliances. Stude...
Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic BasicsEGY-3002B2
This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology starting with the basic solar cell as the simplest component of the system to a complete PV system design. The course will cover design, sizing, components, controls, installation,...
Solar Energy Basics for HomeownersSEF-3001BS2
Many homeowners are investigating solar energy as a cleaner and cheaper power alternative. This course provides an overview of power generation through solar photovoltaics, including the types of photovoltaic systems, solar hot water systems, how to assess solar power again...
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