Career Transitions Forum

The Career Transitions Forum (CTF) is a unique series of lectures, presentations, and networking activities designed to support professionals who are transitioning in their careers.

Professionals from recruitment firms, corporations and the local community will present a broad array of job search strategies and tips, with a different topic presented each week. New participants can join any week.  

Free Career Advising

Career Advising is available from corporate executives for those who have attended at least one CTF session. It is strongly recommended that those requesting counseling complete an HRD resume class. 

To schedule an appointment, submit the CTF Career Advising Request form, which is available at CTF meetings on Thursdays from 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM at Trinity Baptist Church in Raleigh.

May 24 | Managing Change Primer | David Mantica

Join us as David Mantica discusses the keys to understanding workplace change and making the most of it are to be clear-headed, responsive, alert, and dynamic. You will also learn the reasons people resist change and strategies to overcome resistance and how to minimize negative change impacts by using the change curve model. David is CRO of Fast Lane Training and Consulting. He has led or conducted over 300 training courses that align business needs and technology resources.


May 31 | Emergenetics: the Psychology behind 30-Second Commercials | Rose Owens 

When asked to introduce yourself at networking events, do you feel like running in the other direction? What if you knew how to speak about yourself with confidence and in a way that appealed to a wide variety of audiences? Rose Owens will demonstrate how the dynamics of Emergenetics can empower you in job search by using a simple, straightforward method for creating and customizing your 30-second commercial, stating your strengths with passion and pride in a way that will appeal to multiple points of view. Rose owned a training company in Nashville, TN before moving to Raleigh this year. She has authored 2 books on networking and customer service, launched over 18 different networking groups, and trained over 500 business professionals.

June 7 | The Art and Science of Influencing Others | Holly A. Sullenger, M. Ed, ABD PhD

This interactive session is designed to help you find the ability to influence others in order to generate win-win outcomes, particularly when negotiating offer packages. Holly Sullenger is a seasoned veteran in the field of corporate training and facilitation, offering leadership and professional development seminars, computer software consulting and instruction, and group facilitation. She serves as the Director of Technology Training Solutions at NC State University. Holly is currently an “ABD (All But Dissertation)” PhD student at NC State University. Additionally, she serves as a board member for three local education related councils: The Triangle Literacy Council, the Digital Literacy Council, and the Council on the Status of Women.



Trinity Baptist Church - Fellowship Hall
4815 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC
Directions to Church
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Day & Time:

9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Arrive early and stay after for valuable informal networking!


This is a moderated group. Professionals must attend one or more CTF sessions to join.

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