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Activity Coordinator for Long Term CareHSE-3264A41 available classes
This course provides basic training for those interested work as an activity coordinator in a healthcare setting. The NC Division of Facility services require activity coordinators in adult care homes to complete at least 50 hours of training in an approved course. In additi...
Barista & Cafe TrainingHOS-4010G31 available classes
Would you like to work as a Barista in a coffee shop? Through hands-on training, this class will help you: master the art of making a perfect cup of coffee; understand the importance of the roasting process, learn to manually pull espresso shots. You’ll also discover how to...
Become a Veterinary AssistantANS-3011EE2 available classes
Do you love animals? Have you ever thought about a career as a veterinary assistant? This course, taught by a practicing veterinarian and college instructor, will give you the information you need to prepare for work in veterinary hospitals.
Become a Veterinary Assistant II: Canine ReproductionANS-3011DE1 available classes
Practicing veterinarian teaches you to manage the entire canine breeding cycle, from assessing the health of parents to puppy care
Become a Veterinary Assistant III: Practical SkillsANS-3011FE1 available classes
Learn the practical skills you'll need to be a valuable veterinary assistant or educated pet owner. Taught by a practicing veterinarian, this course is the third installment in our "Become a Veterinary Assistant" series.
Certificate in Brain HealthSEF-7997E2 available classes
In this innovative certificate program, you'll gain insights into the amazing brain and learn how you can support brain health. The remarkable brain receives information through the five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. It is affected by virtually every aspe...
Commercial Food Equipment Service Training II - RefrigerationELC-3130B31 available classes
Technicians new to Commercial Food Equipment can discover the fundamentals of Commercial Refrigeration. You can gain an understanding of thermodynamics and learn how commercial refrigeration equipment works. You’ll be able to troubleshoot and repair basic commercial refriger...
Healthy AgingSEF-7999E2 available classes
As the U.S. population ages, opportunities abound for working with seniors in various settings that support quality of life. This certificate program presents an overview of the aspects of aging and health in the later years. It helps to build a foundation for the treatment...
Hospitality Hotel & Restaurant CertificationsHOS-4040A31 available classes
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the lodging industry and an in-depth look at facets of service and latest trends in the Hospitality Industry. Emphasis is on the latest technology tools that are used in the industry as well as the service philosophy and oper...
Notary Public EducationSEF-7565111 available classes
Become a notary public in NC. Discuss the legal, ethical, and procedural requirements for notaries according to NC laws. The Office of the Secretary of the State of North Carolina trains, tests, qualifies, and commissions NC notaries. When you arrive for class, you must have...
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