Name Course Title Term Offered Pre-requisites
ACA-111 College Student Success FA, SP, SU None
SGD-111 Introduction to SGD FA, SP, SU None
SGD-112 SGD Design SP Take SGD-113
SGD-113 SGD Programming FA, SP Take 1 group: DRE-097, DMA-050; or RED-090, MAT-060; or ENG-002, MAT-003
SGD-114 3D Modeling FA, SP, SU Take SGD-116
SGD-116 Graphic Design Tools FA, SP, SU Take DRE-097 or ENG-002
SGD-117 Art for Games FA, SP Take SGD-116
SGD-134 SG Quality Assurance SP Take SGD-112
SGD-135 Serious Games FA Take ENG-111 SGD-112 SGD-116
SGD-158 SGD Business Management FA, SP Take ENG-111 SGD-111 SGD-112
SGD-159 SGD Production Management SP Take SGD-111
SGD-162 SG 3D Animation FA Take SGD-114
SGD-163 SG Documentation SP Take ENG-002  SGD-111
SGD-165 SG Character Development SP Take SGD-162
SGD-166 SG Physiolody/Kinesi FA, SP None
SGD-167 SG Ethics SU Take ENG-111 SGD-111
SGD-168 Mobile SG Programming I FA Take SGD-113
SGD-172 Virtual SG FA, SP Take SGD-113 SGD-114
SGD-174 SG Level Design FA Take SGD-114
SGD-180 SGD HTML Programming I FA Take SGD-113
SGD-210 3D Data Capture FA, SP SGD-114
SGD-212 SGD Design II FA Take SGD-112
SGD-213 SGD Programming II FA, SP Take SGD-113
SGD-214 3D Modeling II FA, SP Take SGD-114
SGD-237 Rigging 3D Models FA Take SGD-114 SGD-162
SGD-239 SGD Tech Art SP Take SGD-113 SGD-114
SGD-242 SGD Photogrammetry FA, SP, SU Take SGD-114
SGD-262 SGD 3D Animation II SP Take SGD-162
SGD-268 Mobile SG Programming II SP Take SGD-168
SGD-274 SG Level Design II SP Take SGD-174
SGD-285 SG Software Engineering FA Take SGD-212 SGD-213 or SGD-213 SGD-214
SGD-288 SGD Portfolio Design SP Take SGD 162 or SGD 285
SGD-289 SGD Project SU Take One: SGD-212, SGD-213, SGD-214, or SGD-285 and Local Prereqs: Set 1: SGD-212, SGD-163, SGD 174, SGD-134, SGD-165; or Set 2: SGD-212, SGD-163, SGD 174, SGD-134, SGD-285; or Set 3: SGD-212, SGD-163, SGD 174,, SGD-134, SGD-172

Updated: 7/26/2021