Interior Design Technical Standards

A student wishing to enroll in the Interior Design curriculum must meet the following standards:

  • Be able to conceptualize and visualize two- and three-dimensional objects and spaces
  • Have sufficient visual capacity to read prints, schematics and other documents, as well as measuring tapes and architectural/engineering scales
  • Be able to clearly distinguish subtle differences in colors
  • Be able to work and communicate with co-workers in a group
  • Be capable of working at a computer for up to 10 hours per day
  • Be able to wear hard hats, safety glasses, steel-toe shoes and other safety-related equipment as required by the industry
  • Have minimum mathematical ability using geometry, algebra and trigonometry
  • Read and write in English

The design professions are driven by deadlines and sometimes require extended working hours in order to meet deadlines. Design is an evolutionary process requiring constant analysis, problem-solving and continual change.