Students can find out who their advisor is by checking WebAdvisor. If no advisor is listed, students should contact Student Services at the Perry Health Sciences Campus. 

Students should contact advisors on a regular basis for information and planning assistance. Advisors can be contacted in person during office hours or by phone or email. Advisors will have appointment sign-up sheets on their office doors two weeks before registration periods begin. 

Students can print Program Planning Guides from this website or access the catalog for a list of classes. Program planning guides will have classes listed as Fall I and Fall II, Spring I and Spring II, according to the program planning guides, to help students take classes at the right time and stay on track to complete their programs. 

Students can access program evaluations on WebAdvisor by clicking on the link on the lower right, clicking on their program code, and then clicking submit. The evaluation will tell students which classes are still needed according to the year that they entered the program. 

If certain classes are no longer offered, students can usually take new HSE classes in their place. Advisors can provide more details.  

Students can find out if a course has prerequisites or corequisites by reviewing the course description on this site, in WebAdvisor, or in the WakeTech Catalog online. 

The following classes have NO prerequisites and will be offered every fall and spring semester:

  • SWK 113: Working with Diversity
  • SAB 110: Substance Abuse Overview
  • HSE 110: Introduction to Human Services

In addition, these classes DO NOT have ENG 090, RED 090 pre-requisites:  

  • HSE 135: Orientation Lab I
  • SWK 110: Introduction to Social Work 

These classes have a MATH pre-requisite of DMA 010 through DAM 050. 

  • HSE 220: Case Management for the Human Services Technology Degree
  • SAB 125: SAB Case Management for the Substance Abuse Counseling Degree