Honors Program Application

Honors Program applications and all required supporting materials should be received 30 days before the first date of the semester for which you are applying. While students may submit applications and required supporting materials later than this “30 days before start of semester” standard, the college may need to defer the processing of these applications to the following semester.

Please complete and submit this application form online. After submitting the application, please mail letters of recommendation to one of the Honors Program directors.

Remember that you must submit an Application for Admission to Wake Tech before applying for the Honors Program.

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  Personal Information


I take courses mostly on the:
In 500 words or less, list of leadership positions, work or job responsibilities, community service, or other involvement in your community in recent years.
Essay describing how you use critical thinking in your daily life.
Please be specific and provide concrete examples (250-500 words):
  Academic Information


Before you complete the Honors Program application form, please review the Eligibility information on the Honors Program home page for detailed information about the GPA requirements for admission to the Honors Program.

Insert your information below. If an item isn’t applicable, you may leave it blank.


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