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The Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Visual Arts is a university transfer degree designed to prepare students for a Bachelor of Art (B.A.), Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A) transfer, or career exploration in a variety of art and design fields, including but not limited to; studio art, graphic design, digital design, illustration, education, art history, and museum studies.

AFA Degree Requirements:

  • 60-credit hour minimum program with a planned Program of Study
  • Can be completed in two years of full-time study or longer for part-time study. 

Prospective AFA Students 

Students planning to enter Wake Tech as a Visual Arts major should visit the Admissions page and complete enrollment. Students should meet with an Academic Advisor in Student Services to determine placement in Math and English. 

Suggested classes to select for the first semester of study (or first several semesters, if part-time):

  • ACA 122 College Transfer Success - 1 credit hour
  • English: ENG 111: Writing and Inquiry - 3 credit hours
  • Math (3 or 4 credit hours): MAT 143: Quantitative Literacy, MAT 152: Statistical Methods I, or MAT-171: Pre-calculus Algebra

Required Art History Classes

Choose one per semester.

  • Art 114: Survey of Art History I - 3 credit hours
  • Art 115: Survey of Art History II - 3 credit hours

ART 114 and ART 115 can be taken in any order. ENG-002 or equivalent must be taken before registering for these classes.

Required (CORE) Art Studio Classes

Studio Art classes help students build art skills for transfer and provide opportunities for media exploration. Students pursuing a B.F.A. transfer will be required to pass a portfolio review in their first semester of study at their transfer institution. This will include artwork from the AFA program as well as work completed during their first semester at the receiving institution. Taking a studio art class each semester is important for creative development and portfolio preparation.

Choose one or two per semester. Students should take Core art studios before registering for elective studio courses. ART studio classes meet for 6 contact hours.

  • Art 121:  Two-Dimensional Design - 3 credit hours.
  • Art 131: Drawing I - 3 credit hours
  • Art 122: Three-Dimensional Design - 3 credit hours

These required art studio classes are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters and can be taken in any order.

AFA Elective Art Studio Classes

In addition to the above CORE Art classes, a variety of elective studio and art history classes are offered for students pursuing an AFA or BFA transfer to build skills and meet the prerequisite for course required in the major area as follows.  See Course Descriptions for descriptions of all studio-based classes.

Students are encouraged to use the AFA Advising Checklist as a reference for determining AFA degree requirements.

Class Credit hours Contact hours Offered and Recommendations
ART-116: Survey of American Art 3 3 Once a year depending on demand.
It might be required in some transfer programs as Global General Education or as an Art History requirement.
Art-117: Non-Western Art History 3 3 Once a year, Fall, Spring, or Summer.
It might be required in some transfer programs as Global General Education or as an Art History requirement.
ART-132: Drawing II 3 6 Fall/Spring most semesters.
Recommended for students pursuing animation and illustration.
ART-171: Digital Design I 3 6 Offered in Fall.
Recommended for students pursuing digital art, graphic design, and animation.
ART-214: Portfolio and Resume (Pre-req: complete two out of three: ART 131, 121, 122 prior). 1 6 Offered in Fall.
For AFA students interested in building a portfolio before transfer.  Recommended during the last 15 to 30 hours of the degree program.
ART-231: Printmaking I 3 6 Once a year, Fall or Spring.
Recommended for students pursuing Graphic Design and illustration.
ART-232: Printmaking II 3 6 Every other year most years.
Depending on demand.  
ART-240: Painting I 3 6 Fall/Spring most semesters.
Recommended for students interested in color, illustration, animation, and BA or BFA fine arts track.
ART-241: Painting II 3 6 Every other year most years.
Depending on demand.  
ART-264: Digital Photography I 3 6 Offered in Fall.
It may be a prerequisite for Graphic Design programs.
ART-275: Introduction to Graphic Design   3 6 Offered in Spring.
Recommended for students interested in Graphic Design, Advertising, and Marketing.
ART-281: Sculpture   3 6 Fall/Spring.
Recommended for students interested in 3-D art and 3-D modeling

Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) Links

The AFA in Visual Arts is a statewide curriculum with transfer agreements to university BFA programs, UNC system universities, and independent colleges.

The AFA to BFA statewide agreement ensures that students can transfer seamlessly with the 60 – 61 credits from the AFA into a BA or BFA program. Important criteria for this agreement follow:

  • Students will need to be accepted into the university; acceptance is not guaranteed.
  • Earn a C or better in all classes take at Wake Tech.
  • At least 25% of classes must be taken at Wake Tech.
  • Graduate with a minimum 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).

Wake Tech AFA Visual Arts students should follow the recommended AFA Visual Arts curriculum guide in selecting courses while at Wake Tech. Please be advised that Wake Tech Community College does not offer every course listed in Wake Tech’s catalog. Students should contact their intended transfer school for specific guidance.

Students intending to transfer to a four-year university should thoroughly research the specific Bachelor of Fine Arts requirements applicable to their program of choice.