Program Summary

Fall semester classes focus on building skills in basic science, dental materials, pre-clinical procedures (general and specialty), professional orientation, infection control, and chemical/hazard communication. Students learn in the brand new state of the art dental clinical facility and dental materials simulation lab.

  • DEN 100 Basic Orofacial Anatomy
  • DEN 101 Preclinical Procedures
    this is a diploma-level course
  • DEN 102 Dental Materials
    this is a diploma-level course
  • DEN 111 Infection/Hazard Control

In Spring semester, students complete classroom studies in dental practice management, preventive dental health education, dental office emergencies, oral pathology, dental pharmacology, and radiology. Students also participate in direct patient care two days each week during the spring semester, rotating through Graduate Prosthodontics, Graduate Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Special Care/Geriatrics, Graduate Orthodontics, Graduate Periodontics, Graduate Operative, Graduate Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Central Sterilization at the UNC School of Dentistry.  Students also receive clinical rotations at the UNC Memorial Hospital Dental Clinic, the Dental Clinic at Wake County Human Services in Raleigh, and Wake Smiles in Raleigh which is a non-profit organization.  Direct, on-site supervision is provided by Wake Tech dental assisting faculty during clinical rotations.

  • DEN 103 Dental Sciences
    this is a diploma-level course
  • DEN 104 Dental Health Education
    this is a diploma-level course
  • DEN 105 Practice Management
  • DEN 106 Clinical Practice 1
    this is a diploma-level course
  • DEN 112 Dental Radiography

Summer term studies consist of a psychology course and weekly seminar sessions designed to share the previous weeks clinical experiences.  Topics also covered during seminar sessions include: employment preparation (final resume production and mock interview), budgeting, and current dental topics in the news. Students provide direct patient care three days per week in general and specialty practices who have an affiliation agreement with the College.  Each clinical site received an orientation prior to student assignment.   A dental assisting faculty member visits each clinical site per week.  The identified supervising dental assistant serves as a mentor for the student during these clinical rotations. 

  • DEN 107 Clinical Practice II