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Program ContactJohn “Al” Leaston
Email Address[email protected]
Degrees & Pathways
  • AAS - Associate in Applied Science
  • Diploma
  • Certificates
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About The Program


This curriculum prepares individuals for employment supporting local- and wide-area networks. Students will learn how to use technologies to provide for data, voice, image, and video communications in business, industry, and education. Coursework includes design, installation, configuration, and management of local- and wide-area network hardware and software. Emphasis is placed on developing proficiency in the use of network management software and the use of hardware such as bridges and routers.

Graduates may find entry-level employment as local area network managers, network operators, network analysts, and network technicians. Graduates may also be qualified to take certification examinations for various network products, depending on their local programs.

Along with a two-year Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) in IT-Network Management, Wake Tech offers two shorter, one-year certificate programs, in Cisco Network Associate (C25590CA) and Cisco Network Professional (C25590CP). The certificates are embedded in the AAS degree, so a degree graduate would also earn both certificates if appropriate electives were chosen. For more information, students should contact academic advisors or the networking degree program director. Program Planning Guides are available online.

Program Contact: John “Al” Leaston
Email Address: [email protected]
Office Phone: 919-866-6294