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College Adds Global Education Program

RALEIGH, N.C. (May 20, 2024) – Wake Tech students will now have exciting new opportunities to earn college credits while seeing the world! The college has launched a Global Education program that offers expanded Study Abroad options, as well as the chance to earn a unique credential called Scholar of Global Distinction.

"We're beyond excited to launch this new program," said Humanities Department Head Dr. Rebecca Berry, director of Global Education. "We know that global education benefits students in so many important ways, deepening their engagement and their understanding of other cultures and preparing them for success in a diverse job market and global society."

Research shows that students who participate in such programs are more likely to complete their academic studies and to finish faster – with higher grades – than other students.

For years, Wake Tech has offered a Study Abroad experience that allows Business students to earn credits in Salzburg, Austria. However, until now, there had not been an ongoing, standardized program with policies and procedures for both faculty and students.

Recognizing the many benefits of international and intercultural learning experiences, Wake Tech joined the UNC World View program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC World View provides faculty professional development opportunities, research on best practices and resources that allowed Wake Tech to develop its new Global Education program. A grant through the Wake Tech Innovation Fund helped support the creation of the program.

With the additional support of two UNC World View grants, the college now offers two globalized courses – Intro to Business and Interpersonal Communications – and is developing a series of Study Abroad opportunities. One of the first trips took place in March, when students in World Civilizations traveled to Rome over their spring break.

"This Study Abroad trip brought what we were learning in class to life!" said student Georgia Wallace. "Seeing the ruins in person was an entirely unique experience."

Future Study Abroad trips include Paris, on May 31, for art history students; two trips to Salzburg in June – one for students in Business and the other for students in Baking and Pastry Arts; and Japan, next summer, for students in Intro to Business. Several students are traveling through the generous support of the Wake Tech Foundation.

"Students gain so much," said Berry, "and it's exciting to see them begin to do more than observe and consume – to see travel as an incredible opportunity to learn, analyze and interpret."

Students can earn the Scholar of Global Distinction by completing 15 credit hours of globally intensive courses, participating in eight international activities, gaining 30 hours of Study Abroad or domestic intercultural experience and completing a capstone project related to their global learning experience.

As part of the Global Education program, Wake Tech holds information sessions to prepare students for these travel experiences, covering logistics such as obtaining a passport as well as being fiscally responsible, engaging with other cultures and maintaining health and wellness abroad.

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