Instructors in the Classroom Spark Success in the Field

Chris McAllister

Chris McAllister

Class of 2012

"I am grateful for educators like Mr. Moore."

    — Chris McAllister

A 2008 graduate of Middle Creek High School in Cary, Chris McAllister wasn’t certain of his next steps in education. He was working at Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant when he found himself wanting to learn more and have a path forward. He sought advice from a co-worker who suggested he enroll at Wake Tech to pursue a career as an electrician. “The courses were very hands-on with a lot of team projects,” he says. “I initially doubted myself because I didn’t think I could keep up. However, with extra help from the teachers and their dedication to ensure I knew the material after each class, my skills and confidence grew quickly.” 

Not having a clear path after high school, McAllister said, “My advice to high school graduates or anyone who is thinking about a trade, look at those in high demand like HVAC or electrical technologies and enroll at Wake Tech. At Wake Tech, you’ll get the hands-on experience, the training, and the degree. These fields can take you far in your career.”

Chris graduated from Wake Tech in 2012 with an associate’s degree in Electrical Systems Technology. He credits many of his instructors for their willingness to work with students like him to obtain a full grasp on the coursework and prepare them for work in the field. “Richard Moore, the department head, invested in me as a student and truly wanted to see me succeed,” he says. “Thinking back to when I was in his class, I never thought I would be where I am today. I am grateful for educators like Mr. Moore.” 

Chris spent 5 years in the field before being promoted to an estimator at JC Electric in Durham. He has landed many contracts, including a recent project estimated at $500,000. He says, “This is only the beginning of a long career in electrical engineering. I love what I do!”

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