A New “Goal” in Life

Kidiosi Masasu photo

Kidiosi Masasu

Class of 2010

“I have a new life now.”

    — Kidiosi Masasu

It’s a whole new world for 24-year-old Kidiosi Masasu, co-captain of Wake Tech’s brand new soccer team. Just three years ago, Kidiosi was living in the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo, where fighting and atrocities are, sadly, everyday occurrences. Now, he lives in North Carolina’s capital city, plays collegiate soccer, and is pursuing a college degree in engineering.

“I’m changed now,” he says happily. Kidiosi’s life has indeed changed dramatically in a short period of time. After arriving in the U.S., he came to Wake Tech for classes in English as a Second Language. He earned his GED and immediately enrolled as a full-time student, setting his sights on a brighter future. When he heard about Wake Tech’s new soccer program, Kidiosi jumped at the chance to be co-captain. “I’ve always loved soccer,” he says, “I’m so thankful Wake Tech has a team!”

Kidiosi’s goal is to earn his degree and to find a job as an electrical engineer. Eventually he plans to get his citizenship. As he puts it, he’s come too far to go back. “I have a new life now.”

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